Angry Birds Fanon Wiki
Angry Birds Fanon Wiki

 Angry Birds Fanon is are little clips with some fanon and some real stuff. Even though some of the genders and colors have been swapped.


  • Johnson(Red bird)
  • Ariel(Female red bird)
  • Emma(11-year old girl red bird)
  • Yellow(Small yellow bird 1)
  • Little Jimmy(Small yellow bird 2)
  • Makenzie(A female small yellow bird)
  • Misty(Yellow bird)
  • Billy Bob(Black bird)
  • Big Boss(A commander Black bird)
  • Ash(White bird)
  • George(A fancy old White bird)
  • Olga(A fancy old Female white bird)
  • Jojo(A Green bird with a glass eye with a RED PUPIL ON)
  • Pablo(Big brother bird)
  • Jeffrey(Little white bird)
  • Alexis(Pink bird 1)
  • Jill(Pink bird 2)
  • Meagan(Pink bird 3)
  • Tonya(A girl scout Pink bird)
  • Small pig
  • Big pig
  • Commander pig(Has a kettle on the head)
  • King pig(Has the crown of Freddie mercury)

Gender and color changes[]

  • Yellow=Replaces Blue bird 1
  • Little Jimmy=Replaces Blue bird 2
  • Makenzie=Replaces Blue bird 3 and gender swapped
  • Misty=Replaces Yellow bird and gender swapped
  • Ash=Gender swapped
  • Jeffrey=Replaces Orange bird