The Angry Birds Fanon Wiki can be affiliated with several wikis on Wikia. So far, only three is currently affiliated.

Angry Birds Wiki

ABWWordmark The Angry Birds Wiki is a wiki that houses the official and original information about everything canonical to the Angry Birds franchise created by Rovio. However, the Angry Birds Wiki is a non-profit, informational site that is not affiliated with Rovio or any associated companies.

Angry Birds Фанон Вики

ABRFWWordmarkAngry Birds Фанон Вики is the Russian region of the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki. However, the Russian wiki does not mirror our wiki so things such as Policies and Rules may or may not be different there.

Angry Birds Adventures

ABAWWordmarkAngry Birds Adventures Wiki is a sister wiki of the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki that is dedicated to role-playing, story-telling adventures. Note that not things may not be canon to any fanon character and its mainly just a place to have fun.

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