Hello, I'm SpongeTechX. I've noticed there are A LOT of unnecessary categories, and I've decided to get rid of them. If you see any pages that have categories that say "fan" or "fanon" in them, like "Fanon character" or "Fan-made", delete those categories from the page because they are not needed. We don't need them because we already know that this is a fanon wiki, so the "fan" categories aren't needed at all. Orangebird763 here writing now. I think it's still okay to put in just one of the "fan" categories. For example, when I make birds, pigs, or games, I put in the categories "Fanon Birds", "Fanon Pigs", or "Fanon Games", depending on the page I make. But don't be like Seacactus, adding a bunch of unnecessary categories probably just to get the badges!

Only one fan category is allowed. It should be called "Fanon Birds/Pigs/Games/etc." though.