Here are the rules. Please adhere to these for a good standing. If you are new to this wiki, please read all of these rules before doing anything else. They are very important. Disobeying the rules will result in a warning, and continuing will result in a ban.

General Rules

  • Always assume good faith. This means that all edits should be made to help and improve the article, and not hurt it.
  • Recolors of the Original Angry Birds are not allowed. It’s not original and cheap. Unless you’re using a canon bird’s body as a base/template, then that’s fine. Recolors are not allowed.
  • Under the Wikia's Terms of Use, you must be 13 or above to create an account. If you are secretly underaged, do not tell anyone. If your age is revealed, you may be reported to wikia staff to shut down your account
  • Do not make anything not suitable for young people. We want to keep this a low PG-rated wiki, not anything PG-13 or above.
  • Page titles and headings should be in title case (capital letters at the beginning of every word) instead of sensitive case (a leading capital letter at the start of the first word only).
  • Do not post comments not related to the page you are commenting for.
  • Do not be a troll. You will be blocked when you do this.
  • Do not claim that you are an admin or bureaucrat when you actually aren't. Ask a bureaucrat to be either an admin or bureaucrat, and with a good reason.
  • Do not add images not related to the page where you are adding the images. Like rule #2, this makes other users who look at the image become confused.
  • Do not swear when discussing or in an article without covering them with *’s. Do not use swear words to insult people, or a lot of times when you comment as some users may be young and sensitive to swear words. If you do use them on an article, you must use the '''{{Mature}}''' Banner at the top of your page.
  • Do not create more than one account to evade a ban. This is called sockpuppeting. If you wish to create another account because your original one cannot be accessed, please make sure the original account is stated somewhere.
  • Do not post or create anything completely unrelated to Angry Birds. This is an Angry Birds Fanon Wiki.
  • Do not delete any userpages, with the exception of the user being blocked with unusual or babyish content.
  • Do not vandalize any pages or blogs by adding immature content, spam, useless categories, etc. You also may not spam on message walls, comments, or blogs. So this means to not do this in any activity.
  • Do not copy in mass or steal. This is called plagiarism.
  • Do not make your own version of somebody's game without their consent. This is also considered plagiarism. It is not considered plagiarism only if both users coincidentially come up with the same name.
  • Do not recreate articles that are already deleted unless you're improving it. If your page was deleted, it was for a reason. Unless there's any sign of improvement, you may not recreate it.
  • Respect all users, especially ones who are new to this wiki. Do not harass, flame, bully, or insult any other users. We definitely won't tolerate that kind of behavior here, definitely if you are under 13.
  • Do not ever ask for a password and don't take advantage of any revealed passwords. Getting somebody else's password to do inappropiate stuff and make other users blame the person who actually runs the username will give you an immediate block for 1 month.
  • We have quality standards here, and we expect pages to be organised and have decent quality with proper grammar, no immature or "baby-ish" content (like Teletubbies and such).
  • Make sure you categorize your pages correctly, only use only selective fanon categories. For example, if you are making a page about a bird or pig, you should categorize it correctly, for example: Fanon Birds, Male/Female Birds, (INSERT COLOR HERE) Birds, Birds, Birds by (YOUR USERNAME) and Characters.
  • Do not spam categories or use categories with the same meaning, for example: Birds, Bird, Fanon, Fan-made, Fan Birds, Fan species, Fanon birds, and any other useless categories like those. Do not spam the categories, or make useless ones.
  • Pages need to make sense. If your page is very low quality, but seems like it can be improved upon, the Wiki Cleanup template will be added to the page. If it looks like it was written by a 5 year old, and makes no sense in any way, it will be permanently deleted.
  • Do not make any birds bigger than Mega Giant Bird. The birds have been getting too big. This isn't really a strict rule, but it is unnecessary for birds to be that big. 
  • Stop making giant pigs, too. It has been going on for a while, and it is getting crazy.
  • Do not advertise any other wikis unless given permission to do so by an administrator.
  • When a user says, please do not edit this page, please don't edit that page! Ask the creator permission to edit the page before you do. The only exception is fixing grammar mistakes and such. If it does not say it, it would still be very nice to not edit their page. They might get upset. If it is a Public page, anyone can edit, as long as the edits meet the quality standards of the wiki and isn't vandalization or spam.
  • Do not ever post links to pornographic sites, shock sites, strong sexual content, extreme graphic violence, major scariness, or extreme language.
  • Do not comment on pages just to be rude. Leave some constructive criticism, and be nice about it.
  • Do not blacklist users by blocking out their messages through CSS, Javascript or in any other way.
  • Even if you are under 13 on the wiki, you must not be immature, not be rude or harass other users, or spam on any pages. Usually other users can tell if a user is underaged by acting like it in comments and pages. You'll get blocked for doing this.
  • Do not reveal any personal information about you, including your age. If you are under 13, do not tell anyone.
  • Ignore trolls, vandals or spammers. This means that you should not talk about them, add them as an enemy in your game or mention them in any other way. Doing this will "feed" them and make them troll others more.
  • Do not use the {{ProtectedPage}} template on your pages unless you are an administrator who wants to lock a page in order to stop vandalism, spam or for any other reason. Do not use this template for no other reason than that.
  • Do not post blogs with little information. At least give some context. And make sure your blog posts are informative, and not something completely unrelated and random.
  • Do not spam edits on others' articles for the sake of badges. Making such edits are not allowed with the exception of adding legitimate categories, fixing grammar mistakes or adding deletion templates are allowed.
  • Respect the admins, bureacrats and other members of the staff. Even if they are a small member like a content moderator, they should still be respected.
  • Do not issue warnings unless if you're an administrator. Administrators are the only users who can issue official warnings. You can still tell them to stop doing something, but unless you're an administrator, do not give them warnings.
  • Do not boss staff to revive a page. You can consult an admin about why the page was deleted, though, threatening them to revive one is not allowed.

Chat Rules

Chat is a fun way to hang out with other users! Just remember to follow these rules. Most of these are tied with the general rules. If any of those are broken, you could get banned from using chat.

  • Don't spam messages. It's unfair for others who want to chat. Also, don't spam emoticons. Emoticons are fun to express emotion, but spamming them is not allowed.
  • Don't swear to insult users. Swearing is not allowed even in chat, as it is not a nice thing to do.
  • Do not post links to pornographic or sexual content. Remember that we want to keep this below PG-13 or above.
  • Do not insult or flame other users. We want every user to be happy on this wiki, especially ones which are new.

Admin Rules

  • Please ask Utkar or Yoshi before making any changes pertaining to the wiki itself (I.E, Main Page, Rules, Wiki Design, Wiki Theme, CSS).
  • Don’t abuse your power.
  • Use the ban system first. Block is a last resort.
  • Do not act like you’re better than everyone.
  • Lock any important pages you find or make to Admins and Content Mods.
  • Delete any pages that aren’t needed, alongside their images. Please remove all categories from the pages before deleting.
  • Do not promote any other users without asking before.
  • Remember to protect any important templates to prevent vandalism. Although template vandalism is rare, it can still happen.
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