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Wikia is a keen supporter of the popular wiki encyclopedia Wikipedia. The Angry Birds Wiki is not intended to supplant any of it.

This wiki has a different basis and may, for example, contain "point of view" material and much detail that would be considered not encyclopedic.

Where appropriate, our pages link to Wikipedia for further information. We may hope that one day some links to this wiki will be on Wikipedia if our content is sufficiently distinctive and original.

Linking to Wikipedia pages

Generally, we can create a link to a Wikipedia page simply by prefixing "wikipedia:" inside the double-bracketed link. The full URL may be used instead, with single brackets or none.

Some of our recommended standard "templates" may incorporate links to Wikipedia pages. Those links can at any time be:

  1. Varied, just by deleting the "wikipedia:" prefix, so as to point to an internal page (which need not have been created yet but which can eventually have other useful material as well as the Wikipedia link); or
  2. Deleted if the Wikipedia page has nothing of possible Sonic interest and we don't want our own page of that name

Copying from Wikipedia

As we are on the same license/license as Wikipedia, text from there, including complete pages, may be copied if given proper acknowledgment.

Whenever you do such copying from or of a page in the English version, please add the following template near the bottom of the page: {{enWP|}}. You need to add after the "pipe" the full name of the English WP article (preferably pasted for accuracy).

See Template_talk:EnWP for an illustration.

As mentioned above, we can easily link to Wikipedia articles. The value of copying includes:

  1. For specific paragraphs or extracts; or
  2. So that our copy can have direct internal links, augmented material that may not be encyclopedic, and ready-made category links.