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Something 40

Angry Birds Fannon Wiki Bird is a bird.


Just combine every single power of every single character made on here and poof, that’s Angry Birds Fanon Wiki Bird.


Angry Birds Fanon Wiki Bird was created when the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki was created. They have seen every edit, every page, every blog post, every discussion, every deletion, every user that came and went, everything. They’ve just never shown their face much on the wiki. As the wiki changed, so did they, and now they’re showing their birdy face after Mighty knows how long.


ABFW Bird is a very nice bird, but is mostly quiet most of the time. Lots of times they like to look at all the strange and creative ideas that their users create. Some they love, while others they see soon become deleted. Some of their favorites end up becoming popular pages. They’ve seen lots of users come to visit the wiki they were born in. Lately this birdy has been really busy in discussions. Describing random images off the internet or photo albums, multiple discussions around a campfire, changing words, lots of stuff. They have a love hate relationship with anime on the wiki. They’ve seen a lot of their users love or hate it or despise it and can’t decide who’s side to be on. Other than that, ABFW Bird is just your everyday bird that always has their eye on you, A L W A Y S.


This is probably why I don’t have any friends on this wiki

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