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Angry Birds French (or Angry Birds français in the game's language) is a new game that was released in French. (Google Translate was used for the French language so some French may be wrong)

NOTE From WaryLouka: As being a Quebecois person ( French part of Canada ), I fixed the titles.

Episodes (épisodes)

  1. oeufs pochés
  2. Le Hoax Malchanceux
  3. Danger d'en-haut!
  4. La Grosse Installation
  5. Oiseaux du désert en colère
  6. Attaque Sous-terraine!
  7. Journée Internationale des oiseaux. (NOTE: Dunno why cake )
  8. Surfez avec les oeufs
  9. Piglantis (Stay the same name)
  10. Obtenez Angry Birds
  11. Obtenez Angry Birds Seasons
  12. Obtenez Angry Birds Rio
  13. Obtenez Angry Birds espace
  14. Obtenez Angry Birds Ninja
  15. Obtenez Angry Birds McDonalds (Redbird07 Version)
  16. Google Translate


  • All real.


  • All real

More coming soon.

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