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Angry Birds Frozen is a game based on Frozen

Playable Birds[]

Female Red Bird/Anna -None

Pink Bird/Elsa -Uses her ice power (both coronation and Snow Queen outfits)

Red Bird/Kristoff -Summons the Mighty Sven

White Bird/Olaf -Splits into fives

Yellow Bird/Marshmallow -Roars

Mighty Sven -Same as Mighty Eagle

Big Brother Bird/Pabbie -Heals the Birds ($0:99 for unlimited)

Blue Birds/Trolls -Transform into rocks and smash through the wood and stone

Female White Bird/Bulda -None

Boomerang Bird/Cliff -None

Playable Pigs[]

King Pig/Hans -Uses his sword to attack birds

Foreman Pig/Duke of Weselton -None

Corporal Pigs/Duke of Weselton's Bodyguards -None

Non-Playable Birds[]

Orange Bird/Oaken (one cutscene only)

Female Red Bird/Anna (frozen) (one cutscene only)

Non-Playable Pigs[]

Minion Pigs/Wolves (Wolf Battle only)

King Pig/Hans (final battle only)

Foreman Pig/The Duke of Weselton (final battle only)

Corporal Pigs/Duke of Weselton's Bodyguards (final battle only)


1.Welcome to Arendelle

2.The Arendelle Castle

3.Elsa's Ice Power

4.Journey to Elsa's Ice Palace

5.Elsa's Ice Palace

6.The Revenge of Hans

7.Anna and Elsa vs. Hans


  • When you pass The Arendelle Castle episode,you can see the Let It Go scene from Frozen but Stella,as Elsa,replaces Elsa. This marks it the first time to not have a cutscene but cutscenes are there. Also,it's the first time for the Angry Birds to have talking voices