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Angry Birds Future is an all-new movie from AllanofAmerica Productions and Stark Films. It will be released on July 4th, 2021.


(note: no spoilers are allowed until the film's release, so don't think you'll get the whole story)

In the year 2023 (ten years from now), the Pigs are in control of the world, being combated by a small resistance made up of the 7 original Angry Birds (Birds that came before the episode Ham em' High). All Birds except Red Bird (now known as General Red) are then killed, resulting in Red Bird going back in time to stop this dystopian future from ever happening.


Jim Carrey as Red Bird, Future Red Bird

Seth Green as Blue Bird, Future Blue Bird

Rob Corddry as Yellow Bird, Future Yellow Bird

George Lopez as Black Bird, Future Black Bird

Neil Patrick Harris as White Bird, Future White Bird

William Shatner as Green Bird, Future Green Bird

Brendon Frasser as Giant Red Bird, Future Giant Red Bird

Steve Carrel as Orange Bird

Reese Witherspoon as Pink Bird

Will Arnett as King Pig, Future King Pig

Kiefer Suthenland as General Stache, Future General Stache

Steve Carrel as the Soldier Pigs

Mike Myers as Fat Pig, Future Fat Pig

Micheal J. Fox as Jetwings (new future character)