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Angry Birds G.I. Joe is an all-new game from Allan-Stark Industries. It is based on G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. A new update, based on G.I. Joe: Retaliation, has been teased.


The Rise Of Cobra[]

  • Duke (Red)- shoots bullets.
  • Ripcord (Chuck colored brown)- flies in the direction you tap.
  • Snake Eyes (Bomb)- slashes the structure with his sword.
  • Breaker (Blue)- chews an exploding piece of gum, then spits it at the Pigs.
  • Heavy Duty (Terence)- uses raw strength to destroy things.
  • General Hawk (Hal)- throws boomerangs (a new version of Hal's power).
  • Scarlett (Stella)- shoots a pistol (similar to Duke's power).

Retaliation (Currently Known)[]

  • Roadblock (Chuck colored light brown)- uses gatling gun.
  • Snake Eyes (Bomb)- slashes structure with sword.
  • Flint (Blue)- splits into 3 (the only number of survivors from the Pit Bombing).
  • Jinx (Stella)- same power as Snake Eyes.


  • Cobra Trooper (Minion Pig)
  • Neoviper (Minion Pig)
  • Baroness (Female Minion Pig)
  • Storm Shadow (Minion Pig)
  • Zartan/President (Helmet Pig)
  • Firefly (Helmet Pig)
  • Doctor Mindbender (Moustache Pig)
  • James McCullen/Destro (Large Minion Pig)
  • Rex/Cobra Commander (King Pig)


The Rise Of Cobra[]

  1. Army Base
  2. The Pit
  3. Paris
  4. Arctic Base
  5. Warhead Destroyer

Golden Warheads


Currently Unknown