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Angry Birds Galaxy is a game with new birds but not with real birds. This game almost have a mix of Angry Birds Space and Super Mario Galaxy. The game was announced on May 1, 2012 and the game was released on May 28, 2012. On January 1, 2013, Angry Birds Extreme was released.

Angry Birds Galaxy Splash Screen

Splash screen


In the Angry Birds Island, there are the only birds are Mud, Midnight, Suite, Gemini, Rolling, Plant, Amulet, Mint, Fish Box, Dark Orange, Pink Ice, Rolf, Egg, Blue and Pink and Pig.

When the real birds' eggs are broken and turn back into Hello! Project members because of the King Pig laughs. Then the real birds fell into Japan.

We must to find then, turn the eggs back to normal and get the real birds back.

When they met the Pig Bang, they will become Space birds.

In the updated version, the birds finally see that King Pig has a father , and he is the true enemy of all the birds. (see Pig's Father King Pig's Father)


There is only two groups of birds. There will be two groups of pigs too.


The main birds that will kill the pigs, if you need to kill pigs, you can use allies.

  • Mud Bird - The new Red Bird - Shoots mud when tapped.
  • Midnight Bird - The 2nd new Red Bird - Kills all pigs faster when tapped.
  • Suite Bird - The new White Bird - Drops a pink egg bomb when tapped.
  • Gemini Bird - The new Blue Bird - Clones into a 100s and 1000s of birds when tapped.
  • Rolling Bird - The 2nd new White Bird - Rolls as a bowling ball when tapped.
  • Plant Bird - The new Black Bird - Throws any plants, trees or flowers when tapped.
  • Amulet Bird - The new Boomerang Bird - Throws coloured clovers when tapped.
  • Mint Bird - The new Yellow Bird - Throws mint leaves when tapped.
  • Fish Box Bird - The new Big Brother Bird - Throws any type of fish inside a white box when tapped.
  • Dark Orange Bird - The new Orange Bird and Orange Bird's brother - Becomes a balloon for 15 seconds until it pops when tapped or not.
  • Pink Ice Bird - The new Ice Bird and Ice Bird's sister - Turns blocks and pigs into pink ice when tapped.
  • Rolf Bird - The 3rd new White Bird and he looks like Rolf Harris - Sings any Rolf Harris's songs when tapped.
  • Egg Bird - The new bird that is a new egg - Drops any eggs when tapped.
  • Blue and Pink Bird - The 2nd new Blue Bird - Clones into 5 birds when tapped.
  • Pig Bird - The new pig who is a bird - Summons pigs when tapped.


  • Poison Bird (unlock by killing the King Pig) - The 3rd new Red Bird - Poisons pigs when tapped.
  • Galaxy Bird (unlock by getting the full version) - The 3rd new Blue Bird - Heals birds with planet water bucket when tapped.
  • Weapon Birds (Sword, Gun, Hammer, Whip and Bow and Arrow) (unlock by buying the Angry Birds Galaxy plush toy then use the correct code) - The new birds - 5 powers each.


  • Song Bird - The 2nd new Black Bird - Sings high note when tapped. Can be brought from the Bird Shop and it cost 100 points.
  • Mighty Bird - The new Mighty Eagle - Kills all pigs in a level. Can be brought from the Angry Birds Store and it cost $0.99.*
    • Buy once, unlimited use!

(please remember to not add any real birds or other fanon birds, you can only add my birds)


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Mustache Pig
  • Fat Pig
  • Postman Pig
  • Miner Pig
  • Construction Pig
  • Chef Pig



Aillies are the other birds that will help is there is one more bird to kill the pigs. All Pinga Bird's birds are in this game.


Main Episodes

  1. Earth
  2. Moon
  3. Mercury
  4. Venus
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. Uranus
  9. Neptune
  10. Pluto
  11. Charon
  12. Sun


  • Galaxy Birds in Space! (based on Angry Birds Space)


  • Golden Galaxy Eggs (6 in total)


The main song is from Angry Birds Space.


Angry Birds Space Music - Complete Theme HD!

Play On

(What you play it on - When it comes out)

  • PC - May 28
  • Mac - May 28
  • iOS - May 28
  • Android - May 28
  • TV (DVD) - June 1
  • TV (TV Games) - June 1
  • Galaxy Note - June 1
  • Nintendo 3DS - June 5
  • Nintendo DSi - June 5
  • BlackBerry PlayBook - June 6



  • May 28 2012 - Launched and came out in stores
  • June 12 2012 - Adds new stuff such as levels

The poll ended on 6/6/12.

New Level

Now vote it before the 3rd update!

New Bird

Now my birds are added to this game as allies, try something else.

TV Commericals: Fails and Working

You make fails and Pinga Bird make workings.


Camera Person: Action!

Mud Bird: Hey! Let's go to the Galaxy!

Midnight Bird: Hey! We have to go on Earth first!

Red Bird: Help!

Mud Bird: Hey! Do I need first ad?

Red Bird: No thanks, only humans can get it..

Galaxy Bird: Hi!

Voice 1: Hey! Galaxy Bird! What are you doing here! You are unlockable bird! Go away!

Voice 2: Yeah! That's right!

Person: We got a first fail for having unlockable birds!

Camera Person: CUT!

Fail 2

Camera Person: Let's take another take.

Person: This time do not have anything unlockable.

Camera Person: Action!

Mud Bird: Hey! Are we speaking Vietnamese?

Person: No, you can't.

Midnight Bird: What about Japanese?

Person: No.

Gemini Bird: Here is my favorite food... Is the icecream.

Person: We got the second fail for talking about food and try to speak Vietnamese and Japanese!

Camera Person: CUT!


Voice 1: Action!

Mud Bird: Hey! I got a iPhone! Quack!

Mint Bird: I got a PC!

Pink Ice Bird: I got a iPad!

Gemini Bird: I got a Android!

Plant Bird: I got a Mac!

Mud Bird: It's worth $1.90 on iPhone store.

(The logo comes out, the Rovio logo comes out and the words says "Coming on iOS, PC, Mac, Android and more!")

Fail 3

Camera Person: Action!

Mud Bird: Get Angry Birds Galaxy on...

Mud Bird: Who smells minty?


Egg Bird: I'll take Mud Bird's Spot.

Egg Bird Kicks Mud Bird

Egg Bird: Get Angry Birds Galaxy on Iphone for....

Egg Bird: I smell mint!

Person: "FACEPALM"

After all birds act,

Person: Another fail because of Mint Bird.

Mint Bird: What?

Camera Person: CUT!


  • The real birds was replaced by the fanon birds.
  • Dark Bird also appears in this game but he appears in Angry Birds Nightmare.