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Angry Birds Galaxy was released on April 7, 2010


The pigs once again steal the eggs and this time, King Pig is creating a new galaxy and they take the eggs there. Will the birds get their eggs back? King Pig bannishes the birds to space and they must find 120 stars, they meet the space eagle and little creatures called "Soolas" which help them get stars.

Playable Characters[]

  • Red(start)
  • other original four(beat the game for the first time)
  • aditional five(get all 120 stars)


U1-Living Room-

  • Space Start Galaxy
  • Honeyhive Galaxy
  • Block Switch Galaxy
  • Tidal Wave Galaxy
  • Prince Pig's Generator Reaction


  • Space Garbage Galaxy
  • Cloud Dream Galaxy
  • Blast Rocket Galaxy
  • Sling Pod Galaxy
  • King Pig's Cosmic Castle


  • Star Rainbow Galaxy
  • Pool Plate Galaxy
  • Growing Galaxy
  • Rocky Highway Galaxy
  • Prince Pig's Ariel Attack


  • Light Dark Galaxy
  • Sand Desert Galaxy
  • Ghost House Galaxy
  • Flashback Galaxy
  • King Pig's Dark Matter Lair

U5-Office Room-

  • Toddler Toy Galaxy
  • High Hill Galaxy
  • Green Grass Galaxy
  • Bubble Blast Galaxy
  • Prince Pig's Lava Octopig


  • Wild Dead Galaxy
  • Dinner Lunch Galaxy
  • Goal Basket Galaxy
  • Underground Galaxy
  • King Pig's Inhaling Comets

U7- Library-

  • Ball Bounce Galaxy
  • Fast Stop Galaxy
  • Icefire Galaxy
  • Blizzard Breeze Galaxy
  • Prince Pig's Final Fight


  • Blazing Burn Galaxy
  • Fog Swamp Galaxy
  • Near End Galaxy
  • Air Surf Galaxy


  • King Pig's Galaxy


  • Birds Squared Galaxy
  • Rainbow Rool Galaxy
  • Speed Enemy Galaxy
  • Boss Rush Galaxy
  • Flop Flip Galaxy
  • Puzzle Plank Galaxy
  • Ultimate Master Galaxy