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Angry Birds Generations is a game available for all IOS and Android devices it is a combination of all Angry Birds games including new episodes.


One day, all of the birds (see list) were watching the eggs when all of a sudden the pigs sent all of the birds back in time to the episode "Poached Eggs" in the year 2009. The modern birds meet the classic birds A.K.A the original members of the flock and the classic pigs team up with the modern pigs. Now the modern and classic birds must save the modern and classic eggs form the modern and classic pigs! Of course, neither sides are alone in species...


  • Red
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Mighty Eagle
  • Orange Bird
  • Ice Bird
  • Pink Bird
  • Blu
  • Jewel
  • Mighty Dragon
  • Gold Bird
  • Grey Bird
  • Ember Bird
  • Space Eagle
  • Hockey Bird
  • Big Brother Orange Bird
  • Coco Bird
  • Brown Bird
  • Female Dragon
  • Space Birds
  • Space Dragon
  • Female Eagle
  • Little Madfive
  • Cheetos Bag
  • Water Bird
  • Skunkbird
  • Windows Bird
  • Classic Red Bird
  • Classic Blue Bird
  • Classic Yellow Bird
  • Classic Black Bird
  • Classic White Bird
  • Young Orange Bird
  • Helicopter Bird
  • Redneck Bird
  • Chickadee Angry Bird


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Big Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • King Pig
  • Queen Pig
  • Prince Pig
  • Princess Pig
  • Fat Pig
  • Dr. Pig
  • Classic Small Pig
  • Classic Medium Pig
  • Classic Large Pig
  • Classic Helmet Pig
  • Classic Moustache Pig
  • Classic King Pig
  • Obese Pig
  • Stupid Pig
  • The Pig Of Weegee Stares



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  1. Poached Eggs
  2. Mighty Hoax
  3. Danger Above
  4. The Big Setup
  5. Ham 'Em High
  6. Trick or Treat
  7. Seasons Greedings
  8. Hogs & Kisses
  9. Go Green,Get Lucky
  10. Easter Eggs
  11. Summer Pignic
  12. Mooncake Festival
  13. Winter Wonderham
  14. Smuggler's Den
  15. Jungle Escape
  16. Beach Volley
  17. Pig Bang
  18. Cold Cuts
  19. Color Swap
  20. Cookie Doh!
  21. Under the Sea
  22. Porkano (Volcano)
  23. Wizard Battle
  24. Dragon's Den
  25. Final Frontier
  26. Golden Eggs
  27. Trophy Room
  28. Eggsteroids
  29. The Final Showdown
  30. Eggfair Countdown! 

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Boss info

The King pig is in a battle cannon

Nigle flies around like in Angry Birds Rio

Mauro jumps around like in Angry Birds Rio

Dark Football Player (read his page)

Classic King pig is also in the battle cannon King pig is in

The Freckle and Mechanic pigs build towers and repair the Battle Cannon

Obese Pig Bounces around with Fat Pig trying to crush your birds

Stupid pig will blur your vision Gravinox can change gravity and the level. He uses a sword to make air waves and push back the birds.


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