Angry Birds Go!: Survival of the Fastest
Angry Birds Go - Survival of the Fastest


Rovio and Nintendo






Wii U
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Switch

Release date

August 5, 2016 (Wii U & 3DS) June 22, 2018 (Switch)



Angry Birds Go!: Survival of the Fastest is a racing game created by UUnlockedMario, and a pseudo-sequel to Angry Birds Go!. It is heavily based on LuigiFan00001's Angry Birds Go Plush series.


On the planet where Mario lives, he is hosting a Mario Kart tournament. There were eleven racers instead of twelve. King Pig somehow hears of this and wants to fill in the gap. When he gets there, however, he causes a huge wreck and Mario banns him. Cutting to tomorrow, King Pig is bored as usual and wants to host his own race. He gets Chef Piggy to make a giant cake, which will be the prize. While King Pig was explaining the rules, Red shows up and hijacks a kart.

He wins the race, much to King Pig's dismay. EngineerPostman Pig shows up, convincing Red that he (EngineerPostman Pig) could help him (Red). He also persuades King Pig to come along. No one knows that Mario is on Piggy Planet to get revenge on King Pig.


The gameplay of Angry Birds Go!: Survival of the Fastest is drastically different from the original game. While the gameplay is more similar to the Mario Kart series, the Adventure Mode makes it more comparable to Crash Team Racing or Diddy Kong Racing. There are additional fruits in Fruit Splat and new block types in Time Boom. Characters no longer have their special abilities. There are now Item Boxes on the track.

In Adventure Mode, the player is dropped off at the hub world; the Cobalt Plateaus, which connects the five worlds; Seedway Stadium, Earthquake Road, Frosty Tundra, Altitude Pavilion, and Danger Canyon. Each world is made up of four tracks, a battle stage, and a race against a boss. When the player defeats the boss, they earn a key, which allows access to the next world.


  • Adventure Mode*: This is the main mode of the game. The player will travel through 5 worlds, recruiting the other starting characters, with Red and King Pig being the two default characters. The player has the option to switch characters. When the player wins all four races in a world, they will race against a Mario character on one of the tracks. Once the player defeats said character, they gain access to the next world. The player can go to EngineerPostman Pig's garage in Cobalt Plateaus to switch out their character. When the player enters a new world in Adventure Mode, they unlock a few characters. Here is a chart of the characters and their corresponding worlds.
Characters unlocked in Adventure Mode
World Characters
Seedway Stadium Red & King Pig
Earthquake Road Chuck, Bomb, Terence, & Stella
Frosty Tundra The Blues, Matilda, Helmet, Mustachio, & Frosh
Altitude Pavilion Hal, Bubbles, Silver, Piggy McCool, & Chet
Danger Canyon Chef Piggy, Scarlett, Margaret, & Tony
  • Grand Prix*: The player races in each cup in 50cc, 100cc, or 150cc classes, with each class increasing in speed and difficulty. The player races against eleven CPU opponents, where the goal is to finish in first. When the player wins all cups in 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc, they unlock Mirror Mode.
  • Time Trial*: The player races for the fastest time on a single course. The fastest record is saved as a "ghost", which can be raced against afterward.
  • VS Race: Players can race with their own custom settings.
  • Battle: Racers team up into two teams of six, and battle for the most points within 3 minutes. Items only work against the opposing team. The sub-modes are as following;
    • Balloon Battle: Drivers use items to pop and/or steal each other's balloons in order to score points. When a driver loses all of their balloons, they are eliminated from the battle.
    • Coin Runners: Drivers collect coins scattered across the course.
  • Missions*: The player completes tasks. There are seven levels, each containing eight missions and a boss battle. The unlockable characters are not used in this mode. The types of missions are as following;
    • Numbered Gates: The player must drive through numbered gates as fast as possible.
    • Coin Collecting: The player must collect all the coins as fast as possible.
    • Fruit Splat: The player must demolish all the fruits on the track as fast as possible.
    • Time Boom: The player must dodge obstacles and complete one lap on a track within the given time limit.
    • Race: The player races against a CPU opponent for one lap.
    • Boss Battle: Unlocked after beating a level's eight missions.
  • Challenges*: This mode is unlocked after the player beats Adventure Mode. The player can choose to compete in one of the following challenges;
    • All-Cup Tour: This mode is unlocked when the player wins all 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 150cc Mirror cups. The player races on all the tracks in random order (with the exception of Chuck Circuit always being first, and Rainbow Road always being last). Due to the length of this cup, the player can save-and-quit. If they do so during a race, the race will start all over when they return.
    • Boss Tournament: The player races against all the bosses on their tracks.
    • Rainbow Road Showdown: The player races against all other 39 playable characters on Rainbow Road. When a racer's car is completely wrecked, it is out of the race. If this happens to the player, they fail the challenge. This mode is unlocked when the player unlocks all 20 unlockable characters.
* = single player only


Playable characters and their karts

There are 20 playable characters from the start, and 20 unlockable ones, making there 40 playable characters in total. Each character has their own stats and signature kart, although some characters may have the same stats.

Starting characters

At the beginning of the game, all of these characters are available from the start. However, in Adventure Mode, Red and King Pig are the only starting characters.

Unlockable characters

As one would imagine, these characters must be unlocked in order for the player to use them. Listed below are their unlocking criteria. They can also be unlocked via cheat codes.

Unlocking criteria
Unlocking criteria
Character How to unlock
Poppy Defeat Toad in Adventure Mode
Luca Defeat Yoshi in Adventure Mode
Willow Defeat Peach in Adventure Mode
Dahlia Defeat Rosalina in Adventure Mode
Gale Defeat Luigi in Adventure Mode
Skunky Defeat Mario and complete Adventure Mode
Prince Pig Collect all 20 Trophies
Big Bork Collect all 5 Keys
Ross Collect all 20 Black Pearls
Chronicler Pig Collect all 25 GO! Tokens
Professor Pigsworth Win the Red Gem Cup
Boar of Horror Win the Blue Gem Cup
Hambo Win the Green Gem Cup
Princess Pig Win the Yellow Gem Cup
Shakira Win the Purple Gem Cup
Holiday Oink Collect all 5 Gems
Jeff McBacon Win all 50cc cups
Lard Maul Win all 100cc cups
Hekto Porko Win Boss Tournament
Lard Vader Win the All-Cup Tour

Alternate skins

When the player 100% completes Adventure Mode, they unlock alternate skins for certain characters. They have the same stats as their regular counterparts.

Non-playable characters

Other major NPCs

These are obviously the most important non-playable characters.

Adventure Mode bosses

These characters are raced by the player. When they are defeated, they give the player a key, which accesses the next world. The only exception is Mario, who is the final boss.

Trophy Handers

In this game, the Mighty Creatures (with the exception of Mighty Eagle) serve as trophy handers. When the player wins a race in Adventure Mode, a Grand Prix, or a VS race, the Trophy Hander that gives them the trophy depends on who they're playing as.

Audience members

These characters appear in the backgrounds of many tracks.

Other Mario characters that appear in the game

These Mario characters are not raced by the player. Most of them were in the opening cutscene.

Tracks and battle courses

DISCLAIMER: The following images are not images of the actual courses. They are just meant to give the reader/viewer a general idea of what they look like.

Race tracks

Feather Cup (Seedway Stadium)

Chuck Circuit


South Beach


Block City


Popcorn Falls

Sardine Cup (Earthquake Road)

Red Circuit


Boomerang Jungle


Castle Warehouse


Dragon's Museum

Balloon Cup (Frosty Tundra)

Bomb Circuit


Mustachio's Outpost


Slingshot Carnival


Matilda Gardens

Cake Cup (Altitude Pavilion)

Aurora Valley


Construction Rally


Sardine Market


Downtown Pig City

Special Cup (Danger Canyon)

Ricochet Mountain


Candy Boardwalk


King Pig's Castle


Rainbow Road


Battle courses

  • Blue Skate Park
  • Prince Pig's Playroom
  • Golden Treehouse
  • Piranha Plant Opera
  • Sweet Stadium
  • Mario Station

Items & objects

Track items

  • Item Boxes: Transparent, multicolored cubes found on tracks. When a racer runs into one of them, they get a random item.
  • Coin: Gold coins with Red's face on them. The player's acceleration increases as they collect them. They can collect 99 at a time. When the player gets hit, they loose 3 coins.
  • Fruit: Only appearing in Fruit Splat. While only bananas, strawberries, and watermelons, there are the addition of pineapples, apples, cherries, oranges, and grapes.
  • Block: Found in Time Boom and Block Smash, while there were just glass, wood, and stone, there now can be dead wood, radioactive stone, ice, gold, caramel, ghost, Pig iron, candy, and hard candy.

Item Box items

  • Sardine Can: Gives the player a speed boost.
  • Triple Sardine Cans: Gives the player three speed boosts.
  • Green Melon: Travels in a straight line, knocks over a racer it hits.
  • Triple Green Melons: Three green melons orbit the player's kart and protect them from incoming attacks.
  • Red Melon: Targets the closest kart in front of the player.
  • Triple Red Melons: Essentially the same as Triple Green Melons.
  • Ducky: If an opponent runs into it, they spin out.
  • Triple Ducky: A trail of three rubber duckies follow the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks.
  • Coin: Adds 10 coins to the player's counter, and gives them a small speed boost.
  • Apple Pie: Reduces leading racers' visibility, and slows them down.
  • Laser: Causes all leading opponents to shrink, drop their items, and drive slow for a short time.
  • Rage Chili: Gives the player continuous speed boosts for a short time.
  • TNT Crate: Explodes and knocks over any racer that runs into it.
  • Target Kart: The player rockets through the track with auto-pilot. This also gives them invincibility.
  • Blue Melon: Targets the lead racer and knocks them over.
  • Golden Egg: Makes the player invincible for a short time. It also gives them a speed boost.
  • Minion Pig: Steals an item from a leading opponent.
  • Lucky Seven: Seven items orbit the player's kart. The items in question are a Sardine Can, Ducky, Green Melon, Red Melon, Apple Pie, TNT Crate, and a Golden Egg. When a racer runs into an item, they experience their effects. It is the rarest item in the game.

Adventure Mode key items

Collecting all of the following items are required for a 100% completion.

  • Trophies: Obtained by finishing 1st in a race. Collecting all four trophies in a world allows the player to race the boss of the said world. There are 20 trophies in total.
  • Keys: Obtained after defeating a boss. The player must collect all five keys in order to race Mario.
  • Black Pearls: Black Pearl races are unlocked after beating a world's boss. In the races, there are no opponents, and the player must beat a track's given time. There are 20 Black Pearls in total.
  • GO! Tokens: Token races are unlocked after beating a world's boss. Tokens are obtained by collecting "G", "O", and "!". The player doesn't necessarily need to come in 1st. There are 25 tokens in total, 5 of each color. Red, blue, green, and yellow tokens are obtained by token races, while purple ones are obtained after completing bonus rounds. Bonus rounds themselves are unlocked after completing a world's boss. In the bonus round, the player must collect 20 koi fish on a battle course within a given time.
  • Gems: Gem Cups are unlocked after obtaining five GO! Tokens of the same color. A Gem Cup is a Grand Prix-like series of five races. In the Purple Gem Cup, the player does not race against eleven CPUs, but the five bosses, and on the tracks they were raced on. Winning a Gem Cup earns the player a gem of the corresponding color. Listed below are the following cups.
    • Red Gem Cup: Chuck Circuit, Red Circuit, Bomb Circuit, Aurora Valley, Ricochet Mountain
    • Blue Gem Cup: South Beach, Boomerang Jungle, Moustachio's Outpost, Construction Rally, Candy Boardwalk
    • Green Gem Cup: Block City, Castle Warehouse, Slingshot Carnival, Sardine Market, King Pig's Castle
    • Yellow Gem Cup: Popcorn Falls, Dragon's Museum, Matilda Gardens, Downtown Pig City, Rainbow Road
    • Purple Gem Cup: Block City, Dragon's Museum, Matilda Gardens, Aurora Valley, Candy Boardwalk



  • Stella's kart, the Bubble Beam, shares its name with a move in the Pokémon games. It is also worth noting that Pokémon is another one of Nintendo's franchises.
    • This also applies with Tony's Icicle Crash.
  • "Survival of the Fastest" is a pun on "Survival of the Fittest".
  • In one location of King Pig's Castle, there are jail cells containing pink pigs. This is probably a nod to the green Thwomp in Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart 64.
  • The five worlds in Adventure Mode are based on the five episodes from the original game.
  • The image for Goomboss was created by DeviantArt user Nibroc-Rock.
  • The image used for Mustachio's Outpost is the Military Outpost from Slendytubbies III.


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