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Angry Birds Go! Piggy Island Derby is a race-style game where birds and pigs ride in GoKarts. Unlike the first Angry Birds Go!, this game does not allow you to play as a pig, but it does include various new birds. It can be played on multiple company platforms such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Blackberry, Nook, Kindle, Apple, and various internet browsers both mobile and console alike. Multiplayer mode exists, but not as you might expect. Multiplayer is available in 1-on-1 mode and Race Mode and Fruitation mode.


Corporal Pig and his crew were out stealing the eggs again. And this time, they won. King Pig doesn't want these birds getting in the way of his egg-eating. He challenges a race to decide the fate of the eggs: Birds Win, Pigs leave, Pigs win: They eat the eggs. Because Chuck was the one King Pig asked, of course, he took the challenge. The race has begun, and it's up to your racing skills to get the eggs! (If you fail a level, nothing happens, it's just playing 'till you win, which really won't happen because it's constantly being updated.

App Store Preview

Enjoyed Angry Birds Go!? Well, then you'll LOVE this adventure! Will a race, pigs against birds be enough to win the eggs back? Or will the birds fail? It's up to you and the birds to gain back those eggs! Play Angry Birds Go! Piggy Island Derby now!


Same as last Angry Birds Go! with a couple new features. Birds can have multiple carts, not just one, Time Boom has different kinds of TNT, Dynamites, Nukes, and Bombs. (Flame, Radioactive, Ice, Water, Poison, Wind, Slime). Fruit Splat has more fruits in it, and each fruit boosts your fruit bar a different amount.

Every world has 5 tracks, 1 for each episode, and at the end is a boss battle/race. It's you against that episode's boss (currently only King Pig, but in future updates, other bosses are planned). The boss will try to attack you, and get in your way. You also attack the boss, who can dodge you. The boss can change carts, and speed and abilities. The goal is to win the race, but the boss is so fast and accurate and has high acceleration, so you should probably defeat the boss rather than attempting to beat the boss in the race.


There are telepods for every bird in the game. Every telepod has a QR code at the bottom that determines what bird it is. The QR code has a boost in it, so it will be able to determine what the boost is. To activate a telepod, one must put the figure on a stand and put the stand directly under a device's camera. It will scan the QR code and register the character you have on the stand. Only works for figures that are meant for the game.


  • Road Hogs - June 26, 2018 (Initial Release)
  • Rocky Road - June 26, 2018 (Initial Release)
  • Roadway Dash - June 26, 2018 (Initial Release)
  • Street Lamps - June 26, 2018 (Initial Release)
  • Memory Lane - June 29, 2018 (v1.1)

Initial Release (v0)

Name First Track Second Track Third Track Fourth Track Fifth Track
Road Hogs Zoom Beat the Clock Race 1-on-1 Boss
Rocky Road Zoom Time BOOM! Race Fruit Splat Boss
Roadway Dash VS Fruitation Chronographer Carts Battle (Off the Road) Boss
Street Lamps Zoom Coin Dash Battlecoins The Chase Boss

June-July 15 updates (v1)

Name First Track Second Track Third Track Fourth Track Fifth Track
Memory Lane Zoom 1-on-1 Snack Splash VS Boss
SPOILER (hover over to see name) SPOILER Time BOOM! SPOILER SPOILER Boss
SPOILER (hover over to see name) SPOILER SPOILER Race SPOILER Boss
Independence Week SPOILER Survival SPOILER Mini-Boss Boss

Additional Tracks

Additional Tracks are tracks that aren't part of the canon Adventure series. The include the following:



Name How to Complete it Track Reward
Seedway Stadium Complete a race against Gary in

his Ostrich Trambeler

Seedway Stadium 15 gems
Zap Play as Kayla and go through Short Circuit,

the hardest track created so far

Short Circuit 50 gems
Circle Through Collect 500 coins in a Lakeside Loop level Lakeside Loop 500,000 birdbucks


There are multiple modes in the game, each following similar patterns (on a track, get to the finish).

Road Hogs

  • Zoom - The normal mode, Zoom is a single-player mode where the player has to get to the finish line without getting hurt. When hurt, you lose 1 life. You start off with 5 lives. If you lose 1 life, you lose 1 star when you get to the finish. Finish with 5 lives, 3 stars. 4 Lives, 2 stars. 3 Lives, 1 star. 2 lives, no stars (still a win), 1 life, level failed. 0 lives, you cannot get to the finish with zero lives, if you get zero lives, you haven't even finished the race.
  • Beat the Clock - The second track of Road Hogs, in Beat the Clock, the player has to get to the finish before the time runs out. The time is different for each track, the Road Hogs track's time is 3 minutes.
  • Race - Race against 9 pigs, and see if you can get to the finish line first! If you get below 7th place, you lose. 6th or 5th place, you pass with no reward. 4th place +, you get a reward.
  • 1-on-1 - A multiplayer track. Race against another player. 1st place, you win. 2nd place, you lose.
  • Boss - The boss of Road Hogs is King Pig and his Royal Rider. The boss of Road Hogs is the only boss that can't change vehicles in the middle of a race. How to play boss mode is described here.

Rocky Road

  • Time BOOM! - Set a stopwatch your first round and there are no obstacles this round, then play again to pass. You must beat your old record, and don't hit any dynamite, TNT, nukes, or bombs!
  • Fruit Splat- Collect the needed amount of fruit to win the level.

Roadway Dash

  • Fruitation - Similar to Fruit Splat, except there is another player trying to collect fruit too! This is not a computer, but a multiplayer course. How much fruit can you get?
  • Chronograph Carts - A timed multiplayer race, like a mash-up of 1-on-1 and Beat the Clock
  • Battle - Similar to Boss, except it's multiplayer, so it's only with the ability that the player you're playing against has. Multiplying is chosen at random, whether you're doing for the first time, or having a replay.
    • Off the Road - Pop tires on other Karts to get more points.
  • VS - Like 1-on-1 except against a pig.

Street Lamps

  • Coin Dash - Like fruit splat, except you collect birdbucks, and those birdbucks stay until you pay with them.
    • Battlecoins - Like Coin Dash and Battle smashed into one.
  • The Chase - There is a pig behind you when you start. You have to reach the finish line without that pig getting to or past you.


Quests are a thing that appear in your Bird+ menu. They tell you a reward for doing a specific thing.

Characters and their beginning Karts

The statistics under the images are for the karts they're currently in, not the birds.


The birds of this game are the main protagonists, and friends with the secondary protagonists, Mechanic Pig, and Luiz.



Unlockable Birds

By completing the Mighty Cardinal's Mission, Quests, Tracks, or Challenges, these are birds that you have to unlock by playing, and not bought or playable from the start

Unlocking Criteria
Name of Bird Picture of Bird How to Unlock
Hockey Bird
Complete Road Hogs Track 2
ABRio2 Sprites (Bomb 1)
Complete Road Hogs Track 3
Female White Bird
Complete Road Hogs Track 4

Competed against in races and 1-on-1s Only



The pigs, or bad piggies, are the main antagonists of the game. The primary antagonist is King Pig, the pigs' leader and the high-ranking pigs such as General Pig and Corporal Pig. The tertiary antagonists are the minions, followed up by the enemies.

Road Hogs

Rocky Road

Roadway Dash

Street Lamps


These are out-of-game pigs

Support Pigs
These are the pigs that help the birds that are not in-game.
Bad Piggies

Out-of-game pigs that work for King Pig.

Mighty Creatures

There are 9 mighty creatures in this game, the most ever. It combines the 5 mighty creatures from other games, and introduces Mighty Parrot, Mighty Unknown, and Lethal. This is the second game where Mighty Cardinal is featured, the first being Angry Birds: The Journey Past Piggy Island






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These are items that you buy for help.




Bird+ Menu

This is where challenges, missions, and quests are found. It is a yellow button in the bottom right corner of the level selection screen


Objects are like items, except that you don't buy them, you encounter them on the track or in out-of-game places (background, menu, etc.)


  • Boxes - Small crates that appear on the track. When hit, they explode into one of the following:
    1. Slime drops: Slow down your Kart
    2. Toxic Fluid or Poison or Toxins: Can take away a life if driven in
    3. Acid: Kills you and all your lives when hit.
    4. Fruit: Useless when not on a fruit level, collect the fruit coming out to boost your fruit bar in a Fruitation or Fruit Splat level.
    5. Birdbucks: Explodes into Paper Birdbucks.
    6. Bronzebird: Explodes into Bronze Birdbuck Coins.
    7. Silverbird: Explodes into Silver Birdbuck Coins.
    8. Goldbird: Explodes into Golden Birdbuck Coins.
    9. Tokens: Explodes into Tokens.
    10. Tickets: Explodes into Tickets.
    • The following are of the "Rare" status and are more unlikely to be found.
    1. Gems: Explodes into Gems.
    2. Feathers: Explodes into Feathers.
    3. Crystals: Explodes into Crystals.
    4. Power-up: Explodes into 1 pack of Power-Ups.
    • The following are of "legendary status, and even more unlikely to be found.
    1. Diamond: Explodes into Diamonds.
    2. Golden Egg: Explodes into 1 Golden Egg.
  • Explosives - Explosives are encountered in Time BOOM!, Race, and Zoom Modes only. They consist of the following.
    • TNT - Looks like a box (see above), but when hit, explodes!
    • Dynamite - Go away from the very commonly seen dynamite, they're on 3-second timers, and will begin their timer when you first see them.
    • Bomb - Similar to the Bomb we know (the Blackbird), but aren't alive. They ride around in a GoKart, then explode when you least expect it!
    • Nuke - Only seen in Time BOOM! mode, these are basically like Bombs, except doing a LOT more damage, instantly killing you, and nipping at a few coins if you get unlucky.
    • Types of Explosives - Explosives don't just go boom and kill you. There are other things they can do. Consider the following:
      • Flame - This is what you expect from explosives: heat and flame and bye-bye. This comes from the flame type of explosives
      • Radioactive - Like a flame, except stays with you unless you have Radiation Repellent
      • Ice - Bursts into cold winds that freeze everything around you, and melting ice makes your driving unstable
      • Water - Explodes into slippery water that can cut down or your Direction Accuracy
      • Poison - Explodes into a toxic fluid that makes you lose a life
      • Slime - A gooey liquid floods out of the explosive, and slows you down.
      • Wind - Can blow you in the wrong direction
  • Currency - Only the main goal of the game in Coin Dash, and Battlecoins modes, currencies appear in every mode, though. Go to the currencies section to see more on the types of currencies and what you can buy with them.
  • Fruit - Fruit only appears out in the open in Fruit Splat and Fruitation modes, but can be found in boxes in any mode (see above). In Fruit Splat and Fruitation modes, they have to be collected to fill up your fruit bar to 100%, so you can win the level. Below is a list of fruits.
    • Apple - 1% - Common
    • Banana - 5% - Common
    • Watermelon - 10% - Uncommon
    • Guava - 11% - Uncommon
    • Strawberry - 11% - Rare
    • Pomegranate - 15% - Rare
    • Nectarine - 16% - Rare
    • Pineapple - 20% - Super Rare
    • Jackfruit - 30% - Legendary
  • Blocks - Blocks are things that get in your way, and make you stop when you hit them (depending on the kart that you currently have). If you are on full speed/accelaration, you may be able to crash through them, instead of into them. Other than that, just avoid them. Below are block types:
    • Ice - The Triple Thresher is probably the best kind of kart to use against these blocks.
    • Glass - A type of block very similar to ice. The only difference is that theya re immune to Triple Thresher GoKarts.
    • Wood- Maybe if you had Chuck, you would be able to get through these better?
    • Stone - Use one of those high-costing fancy karts to get through. Don't want to spend a lot of money? Just avoid it, then!
    • Fossil - Immune to everything.
    • Radioactivium - Whether you bust through it or not, it will still make you lose a life if touched.
    • Gold - Very strong. 2 rams from the most elite car is how to get through it.
    • Diamond - Super strong. 2 rams from the strongest, most forceful kart so much as dents it.
    • Wurtzite - Like fossil, except hurts you too. One of the strongest of all blocks (TAKE THAT GEOLOGISTS, WURTZITE IS STRONGER THAN DIAMOND!!);;
    • Pigstone - Can be controlled by pigs to get into your way. Strong as wood.
    • Iron - A strong block that will rust if you don't get off in 7 seconds. Rust slowly makes you lose lives.
    • Candy - A sticky block that does nothing, but make you stick. If you have a low-advanced car in a Zoom level, just click retry, there's NO getting out.
    • Goop - A block that slows you down until you wear off the goop, which takes a while.
    • Zombie - A block from the unlife. Porkus, and Zombie Pigs and just normal Zombies swarm you once you touch it.
    • Kevlar - Not exactly strong, but there are no karts that specialize in destroying it.
    • King Pigstone - A block that is like Wurtzite, except can be controlled by the one and only King Pig. Also, it does more damage when hit then Wurtzite. Is only encountered in boss levels.


  • Torpedo - Seen only in a background picture on the menu screen. A torpedo-like

missile is coming up in the back.


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The currencies are what is used to get the bought/purchased birds and items or special abilities.

Types of Currencies

  • Birdbucks
    • Gold Coins
    • Silver Coins
    • Bronze Coins
    • Paper Birdbucks
  • Diamonds
  • Gems
    • Gems
    • Crystals
  • Ticket
    • Tickets
    • Tokens
  • Feathers
    • Eagle
    • Dragon
    • Space Eagle
    • Philadelphia Eagle
    • Falcon
    • Parrot
    • Cardinal


These are enemies that aren't pigs. They are all either from Minecraft, other Pyrocreeper Games, or other Rovio Games.



  • Originally, the pigs lost the eggs, and the race began.
    • This wasn't really useful to the plot, so it was canceled in development.
  • How exactly the Mighty Dragon and the Mighty Falcon have feathers (currencies), I do not know.
  • This is the first game to have Hekto Porko as a minion.


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