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Angry Birds GO! Run is an Angry Birds anime that is somewhat based off Angry Birds Go. It’s an anime with extremely exaggerated anime faces from the birds and pigs. The show has lot of...erm...”drama”...if you can call it that.


A few months after the events of Angry Birds Go. Red and King Pig soon got in an exaggerated and dramatic fight over who was the better racer. Their arguing went on for weeks until King Pig insisted the pigs and birds had another race to see what team was better. When everyone went to go get their karts. To their surprise their karts were gone! The birds and pigs got in a super dramatic fight on how their karts disappeared. In the blame game, Stella came out and said that she threw all the karts in the volcano. Red and King Pig got very upset At Stella and began shouting at her. Stella tried to clear her name by talking about an urban legend about the volcano and that she threw the karts in because the volcano would grant the birds and pigs great luck. Red thought it was all a phony story and continued to be mad at Stella. Days passed and a new racetrack opened in Piggy Island. Though it wasn’t for karts, it was relying on your ability to run! So the birds and pigs decided to have a whole running tournament to see who’s the better team! The birds train their non existent legs by running while getting themselves into melodramatic situations that taint their friendships. Even the pigs try to sabotage them (they also get in melodramatic problems themselves). But the birds (Mostly Matilda And Hal because they are the most sane) find a way to make everything ok again. And then the birds and pigs race. The Birds always win...of course.....



Red: Dramatically angry all the time and over reacts about everything. He also seems to start stuff often and has the most exaggerated expressions.

Chuck: Has way too much pride in himself and tries desperately hard to get Stella to like like him.

The Blues: Dramatically annoying, with Jake being all jocky, Jim being stupid, and Jay being extra annoying.

Matilda: One of the 3 sane birds. She honestly prefers staying near the nest than running.

Bomb: He’s chill..except when you make him mad he starts exploding all over the place.

Hal: Another sane bird. He’s the brains of the birds and gets teased by his fellow birds.

Bubbles: Also annoying but he’s also insane. And he’s even worse on a sugar rush. The sugar seems good for races though.

Stella: Also sane. She’s bubbly and smart, but most of the things she believes in are hard to believe.

Silver: Just your everyday goofy Silver.

Rocket: A new bird the birds meet. He’s just as exaggerated as most other birds, but in his case it’s how cocky he gets.

Frost: The Ice Bird. He’s also smart, but the stupidity of some of the birds get him really mad.

Ruby: Exaggerated Girly Girl. She’s basically the calmer female version of Red.


Minion Pigs: The most unchanged characters here.

Corporal Pig: Also Mostly unchanged, but he’s more angry.

Forman Pig: Also Mostly unchanged, but he’s smarter. He gets interrupted a lot by King Pig.

King Pig: Just Dramatic in general. Also don’t call him fat.

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