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Angry Birds Harry Potter

Release Date

November 16th, 2013


All Platforms


Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Telepod, Pork Side, Witch and Wizard


AllanofAmerica Productions
Warner Bros.

Current Number Of Episodes


First Episode

The Sorcerer's Egg

Last Episode


This is my version of the Angry Birds Harry Potter games. Thanks for the inspiration - AllanofAmerica (talk) 18:31, August 8, 2013 (UTC)


Red Potter - uses Expelliarmus.

Chuck Weasley - uses Diffindo.

Stella Granger - uses Wingardium Leviosa.

Halbus Dumbledore - uses the Elder Wand.

Terenus Hagrid - uses raw strength to destroy things.

Matilda McGonagall - turns the pigs into cats, which makes them run away from the level.

Jake and Jim Weasley - start out as one, but then split into two (note: they are more powerful than regular Blue Bird).

Sirius Bomb - burns part of the structure off.

Buckbeak - same as the Wingman.

Mighty Phoenix - launch a phoenix egg, which burns up. Then, Phoenix comes down and kills all the Pigs. You can earn Mighty Phoenixes by paying every day, beating episodes, winning the tournament, or by purchasing packs.


(note: powers are from Pork Side Mode)

  • Crabbe Pig - sets Fire
  • Goyle Pig - same power as Crabbe
  • Malfoy Pig - uses Expelliarmus
  • Quinnius Quirrel - scares Birds with other face, which makes them run away from the level
  • Dementor Pig - sucks out the Birds' souls
  • Death Eater Pig - eats the Birds
  • Snape Pig - uses Death potion
  • Barty Crouch, Jr. - changes into a bird, which confuses the Birds, then kills them
  • Voldemort - uses Avada Kedabra

Current Episodes[]

All the episodes, except Golden Snitches and Tri-Wizard Tournament, have 50 levels based on the movie the title parodies.

  1. The Sorcerer's Egg
  2. Chamber Of Piglets
  3. Prisoner Of Birdskaban
  4. Goblet Of Bacon
  5. Order Of The Mighty Phoenix
  6. Half-Bird Prince (coming soon)

Tri-Wizard Tournament (like Weekly Tournament)

Golden Snitches

What's New[]

Play in the all-new Goblet of Bacon episode, featuring the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a Weekly Tournament like you've never seen it before. Play against 2 of your friends (with a customized wizard bird avatar, of course) to get the Tri-Wizard Cup, a trophy that gets you awesome rewards! Update available now!

Witch and Wizard Mode[]

When you select this icon, your birds (depending on gender) will turn into witches or wizards. You can choose the spell you want them to use. You can unlock spells buy paying $0.99 for all or by individualy unlocking them by unlocking Birds, episodes, achievements, or by winning the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Curses are forbidden unless you use this in Pork Side Mode.