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Angry Birds Heroes[]

Angry Birds Heroes is a comic book series made by Rovio. The first issue was made on February 14th, 2012.

Charter Charecters[]

Red Screamer (red bird with sonic screaming abilities)

Mr. Splitter (blue blue with duping abilities(more than 3))

Speedster (yellow bird with super speed)

Black Boom (bomb bird with fire abilities and super detanation)

White Bomber (white bird with super egg launching and explosion abilities)

Expansion Members[]

Green Tornado (green bird that can become a tornado)

Helio Man(orange bird with increased abilities)

Mega Red(big bro bird with super strength)

Sir Frost (ice bird with increased abilities)

Bubbler (pink bird with increased abilities)

Issues 1-10[]

1: Meet the Angry Heroes

2: Pork Vengeance

3: Enter the Green Tornado

4:Subway Perils

5: Sins of the Brother

6: Space Heroes part 1

7: Space Heroes part 2

8: Space Heroes part 3

9:Young at Heart

10:Cold Liars

Issues 11-20[]

11:Chinese Swine

12:Hurricane Al

13:Eggstroid Appocalypse (double issue)

14:Bubbles & Pigs

15:Return of the Mighty Dragon

16:Back to Space

17: Beastly Bubbles


19: King Pig: King of Angry City part 1

20: King Pig: King of Angry City part 2

Issues 21-30[]

21:Love Triangle



24:Pork World

25:Journey to Rio Pt. 1

26:Journey to Rio Pt. 2

27:Journey to Rio conclusion


29:Heat in winter

30: Star Wars: The bird wars


Green Tornado and Helio Man were originally going to be charter members, but were cut.