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Angry Birds Hockey Match (Or Simply Referred To As Angry Birds NHL 2) Is The Second Hockey Related Game In The Angry Birds Franchise. It Was Released On January 9, 2019.


  • Hockey Bird - Power: Scores Goals 99.9% Of The Time. - Pros: Goals All The Time. Cons: None.
  • Red - Power: Auto-Unlocks Golden Puck Level When Scored Goal On New Level. - Pros: Gets Extra Levels Without Stress. Cons: Takes The Longest To Charge With The Puck.
  • The Blues - Power: Shoots Nine Pucks At Once; Three Per Blue Bird. - Pros: Shoots The Most Pucks, With One Garunteed With A Goal.

Cons: Only 1 Puck Will Garuntee A Goal, Which Is Jay's Ice Blue Puck.

  • Chuck - Power: Speeds Up The Puck, With a 15.5% Chance To Knock Over The Goalie. Pros: Is The Only Bird To Knock Over The Goalie. Cons: Could Crash the Game.
  • Terence - Same As Red, But Unlocks Diamond Pucks.

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