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Angry Birds Ice Cream is a new product made by Nestle, Breyer's, and Rovio. This product was available in stores on June 6, 2012. About 4-8 new flavors are made every month. The products this company makes has already sold over 200 million buys in total.


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  1. No Materials
  2. No Fanon Birds
  3. No Pigs (Seasons-themed Pigs and Original Pig allowed)
  4. No Repeating Birds (Don't add another Chuck, for example)
  5. Angry Birds Star Wars characters are NOT allowed.
  6. Angry Birds Space characters are NOT allowed except for Ice Bird.
  7. Biggest rule: NO OTHER ADMINS MAY EDIT THE RULES. Read above for more!


  • Red - Strawberry
  • The Blues - Blueberry
  • Chuck - Lemon
  • Bomb - Black Sesame
  • Matilda - Vanilla
  • Hal - Lime
  • Terence - Apple
  • Bubbles - Orange
  • Stella - Cherry
  • Pig - Kiwi
  • Ice Bird - Cotton Candy
  • Mighty Dragon - Mango

Seasons Flavors

  • Pumpkin Pig - Halloween Cookie (Only Available In October)


Only admins can add pictures and flavors. If you would like to request a flavor or a picture re-creation, tell us in the comment section.

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