AB Birds and Pig Colors

Birds and pig in the game

Angry Birds In Paint Land Is a Angry birds Fan-made Game. In This Game,The Angry Birds Are Tipped Over Into Paint And They Spotted A New Land Called Paint Land (from Angry Birds Colours.) The Pigs Then Use a time machine to get into Paint Land.The Birds Have To Defeat The Pigs In Time or else, They will be Stuck in Paint Land forever! 2 New Birds have Spotted.

THE Birds

Red Bird

Yellow Bird

Blue Bird

White Bird

Black Bird

Big Bro. Bird

Nyan Bird

Bouncy Bird

Note: There Is No Orange Bird Or Green Bird.


Small Pig

King Pig

Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

Big Pig

Fat Pig

Pig Eater


1.The Enterence- 35 Levels

2. Fat Pig's Reverge- 21 Levels

3. The New Bird!- 23 Levels

4. The Broken Rainbow-16 Levels

5. A Big Fusion- 20 Levels

6. Final Boss-1 Level

7. Golden Paints

8. Lost Colours of the Elements- 40 Levels, 1 Boss Level

Bonus- Year Of The Rainbow Eagle

Play On

PC- May 30th

Mac-May 31th

Apple Devices- June 2nd

Chrome- June 5th

Android Devices- June 7th

Facebook-June 7th


The Mighty Eagle: Free

The Mighty Rainbow: 0.49

Level Wrap: 0.99

Teamwork Power: 1.99


  • It was originally going to be The Pig Eater but due To Rovio, The Pig Eater will be in World 6.


The Main Song Is From Angry Birds Seasons: Wreck The Halls.

Wreck The Halls - Angry Birds Seasons Music

Wreck The Halls - Angry Birds Seasons Music

The Music For ABIPL

The Andriod Devices Main Song is from Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Space Music - Complete Theme HD!

Angry Birds Space Music - Complete Theme HD!

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