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Angry Birds International is a game in the AB series and will be released in 2016 spring. The game focuses on taking place in different countries around the world. The AB flock (including Silver) will be returning in this game,while there some other birds that must be unlocked by unlocking episodes.

Traveling to where no bird has ever been[]

Once upon a time near Helsinki,Finland,at Rovio Headquarters,the AB flock forced the Minion Pigs to keep Rovio on track just like slaves. Whenever a pig wasn't doing what he's/she's supposed to do,he/she will get beaten up by the flock,and if done 30 times,he/she will get fired and be sent back to Piggy Island. The flock also kept their eggs in a vault,so no other worker goes into the safe and steals the eggs. But on a Tuesday,the flock got a nasty surprise! The vault's door was broken,ten pig workers had been missing,and worse,the eggs have been stolen! So the flock chases around the big city of Helsinki to get the pesky pigs,but much more worse the pigs went into the international airport and they flew away from Helsinki,heading to Stockholm. And now,at the Rovio HQ,the pigs feel free because the flock left and did everything they want to do,like messing up,having a day off,and go crazy,causing Rovio to go out of business soon. Now the birds must chase around the whole world to get back their three favorite eggs. But the HQ is starting to get much worse,and will go out of business any time soon. Will the flock get back to Helsinki and make Rovio straight up,or Rovio will collapse and go out of business?

Birds and their powers[]

Red-nothing really,just cries out it's squawk

The Blues-Split up into three

Chuck-Goes swift and furious

Bomb-Blows up himself

Matilda-Pops out a egg that explodes when it hits an pig/object

Hal-Spins back just like a boomerang does

Terrence-A giant,red bird who does nothing but just goes through ANY kind of material

Bubbles-Inflates shortly after hitting a pig/object

Stella-Forms bubbles and floats up pigs/objects around her

Silver-A looping legend that can go directly to a pesky pig

Tourner (unlocked in Berham)-Turns a 90° angle flying him directly to a part of a fortress

Peintre (unlocked in Bacis)-Paints through objects making them weaker and easy to destroy


  1. Helpigski-Finland (Helsinki)
  2. Steakholm-Sweden (Stockholm)
  3. Berham-Germany (Berlin)
  4. Bacis-France (Paris)
  5. Rome-Italy
  6. Madrid-Spain
  7. Ahams-Greece (Athens)
  8. New Pork City-U.S.A. (NYC)
  9. Toronto-Canada
  10. Swiami-U.S.A. (Miami)
  11. Pigcago-U.S.A. (Chicago)
  12. Hamston-U.S.A. (Houston)
  13. Steakattle-U.S.A. (Seattle)
  14. Hamcouver-Canada (Vancouver)
  15. Los Angeles-U.S.A.
  16. Mexico City-Mexico
  17. Hamolulu-U.S.A. (Honolulu)
  18. Hogkyo-Japan (Tokyo)
  19. Seoul-South Korea
  20. Beipig-China
  21. Shangham-China
  22. Taipei-Taiwan
  23. Hog Kong-China (Hong Kong)
  24. Banghog-Thailand (Bangkok)
  25. Jakarta-Indonesia