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Angry Birds Japan is an update for Angry Birds Rio. It includes 4 episodes, with a new one coming out in May with the Lazer Bird and Ice Bird. The plot is that Black Bird, White Bird, Green Bird, Big Brother Bird, and Orange Bird went to Japan and met the Ninja Pigs.

  • Cast
  • Birds

Black Bird

White Bird

Green Bird

Big Brother Bird

Orange Bird

Lazer Bird (Upcoming)

Ice Bird (Upcoming)

  • Pigs

Karate Pig (Small, Medium, Large)

Ninja Pig (Helmet)

Sensei Pig (Grandpa)

Samurai Pig (King)

Sumo Pig (Fat)

  • Episodes

1. Where are we?

2. Ninja Attack!

3. Wise Choices

4. Angry Birds: Samurai

  • Trivia

The 4th episode name is based off Power Rangers: Samurai.