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Angry Birds Junior is an extremely easier version of the original Angry Birds. It is designed for young kids (kids under 5).



Worlds And Levels[]

Each world has only 5 levels.

  • World 1 - Slingshot Startout: The five levels are the easiest in the game.
  • World 2 - Knockdown: The bases of the structures are made of glass/ice. The rest is wood.
  • World 3 - Left And Right: There are pigs behind the slingshot in this world.
  • World 4 - Final Round: The only world in which at least 1 level contains at least 1 stone block. In fact, all 5 levels contain several stone blocks. Level 4-5 is the only level with the King Pig.
  • World 5 - Funhouse: Many pink pigs in each level and even more birds to use.