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Angry Birds KABOOM! is a game. This is a big difference.


Red Bird, Terence, Orange Bird and The Blue Birds came to Yellow Bird's house. When entered, the house is dark. Red Bird thinks that Yellow Bird was on vacation. Green Bird, Ice Bird and Black Bird joins and so as the White Bird. They saw a portal then. Red Bird thinks that Yellow Bird is in the portal. He went in the portal and it got mixed up. To find out what happens next, go to Where is Yellow Bird.



  • Red Bird - 1-1
  • Yellow Bird - 2-1
  • Blue Birds - 1-8
  • Black Bird - 1-16
  • White Bird - 2-9
  • Green Bird - 3-14
  • Big Bro. Bird - 3-8
  • Orange Bird - 1-17
  • Big Sis. Bird - 3-1
  • Ice Bird - 4-2


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Mustache Pig
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig

Unlockable Birds

  • Slam Bird: Buy a Slam Bird Angry Birds KABOOM plush toy.


On July 2nd, 2012, Rovio has a full announcement that Angry Birds KABOOM will be released in Augest with 2 new birds. The game's hardest levels are the pigs with the T.N.T. In Augest 2, 2012, Angry Birds KABOOM is released.




Where Is Yellow Bird?

Red Bird finds out that yellow bird is missing. He joins Blue Bird and Black Bird.


TV Commericals: Fails and Working


  • Voice 1: Take 1...Action!
  • Voice 2: The birds are in a strange place!
  • Red Bird: Where am I?
  • (Slam Bird smashes Voice 1.)
  • Voice 1: Stop Smashing!
  • Slam Bird: Ahhhhhhhh!
  • Voice 2: CUT!

Fail 2

  • Voice 1: Let's take another take.
  • Voice 2: This time no smashing Slam Bird.
  • Voice 1: Take 2.....Action!
  • Red Bird: Hello what's up?
  • Yellow Bird: I'm Trapped.
  • Slam Bird: Ni hao ka lan!
  • Voice 1: Stop saying chinese!
  • Red Bird: Namastay
  • Voice 2: CUT!
  • (Google Translate was used.)


  • Voice 1: Take 3......Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Red Bird: Wow! An iPhone!
  • Yellow Bird: It costs $0.99. Mine is the iPad, it cost 2.99....
  • Blue Bird: I got PC!
  • Slam Bird: I got Mac!
  • Terance: I got Android!
  • Orange Bird:And I got Nokia900.
  • (Birds get Angry Birds Kaboom, then a portal appears.)
  • Red Bird: Wow, a portal!
  • Orange Bird: Come On, lets go inside!
  • (Birds went into the portal.)
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