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Angry Birds KFC is a Fast Food restaurant Angry Birds game releasing on January 9 2020.


King Pig is once again sitting on his throne looking hungry, so a Minion Pig shows him a photo of an egg. King Pig stares at the photo and salivates, but his troops are tired and don't bother stealing them. The King Pig walks into Chef Pig's Kitchen and saw him viewing an online restaurant venue. KFC pops up on the screen and gets King Pig salivate even more and order it repeatedly. When they walk in the KFC restaurant, Red obverses the Pigs while eating a burger and tells his Flock to fight, Matilda refuses to fight and continues to eat her potato salad. While they where fighting, an empty bucket of chicken gets thrown at her, she looks at Colonel Sanders (on the bucket) and saw a slingshot outside. Red collects this and uses it for the Flock.


  • Red - Squawks.
  • Jake - Summons Jim and Jay.
  • Chuck - Boosts up with speed.
  • Bomb - Blows up.
  • Boombox (with a crudely drawn picture of Matilda drawn on it in crayon) - Drops a stick of dynamite (replaces Matilda).
  • Hal - Changes direction like a boomerang.
  • Terence - Grunts like Red, but destroys objects significantly.
  • Bubbles - Inflates.
  • Stella - Blows bubbles onto objects to lift them up which eventually pop.
  • Silver - Loops downwards.
  • Matilda - Summons Colonel Sanders.
  • Colonel Sanders (otherwise known as Mighty Colonel Sanders) - Pops every single Pig in the level (replaces the Mighty Eagle)


  1. Order Up (Contains 25 levels)
  2. Chicken Coop (Contains 30 levels)
  3. Fry Falls (Contains 30 levels)
  4. Salt Beach (Contains 30 levels)
  5. Meat Locker (Contains 30 levels)
  6. Burger Bun Bay (Contains 30 levels)
  7. Spice Worlds (Contains 30 levels)
  8. Farm of Burger Contents (Contains 30 levels)
  9. Northern Slushy Sea (Contains 30 levels)
  10. Potato Storage (Contains 30 levels)
  11. Overheated Oven Area (Contains 30 levels)
  • (Code Required): Record Breakers (Contains 15 levels)
  • (Code Required): Metal Manufacturer (Contains 15 levels)
  • Golden Chicken Pieces (Contains 22 levels, that can be unlocked by collecting gold colored chicken pieces in levels)
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