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This game was not created bit "made" by King_Oskar .

This project is left out.

Official Description[]

A typical Angry Birds adventure with all your birds (excluding Pink Bird, because "Back to School" episode didn't existed at that time, nor even trailer!), this time, they travel all around the world to see all beauties of the world, and most likely, pop (or kill, as some say like me) pigs like always.

As more stars you will get, the more episodes you will unlock, means you can unlock episodes without completly finishing the other one.


Altrough this game was made or drawen when the author was seriously bored, the main reason why this actually exist is because of the birds itself, this game focuses on that Red Bird (the leader of Angry Birds Clan) has no abilities, however, in MLP based episode, he does actually works like a combination between Pink Birds from both normal Angry Birds and Star Wars one (shoots magic that makes blocks lift up not to him).

In Averangers based episode (I am not their fan, sorry), the Red Bird is dressed like Iron Man, and he shoots balls of energy, which makes the Red Bird very neat.


Trought your journey, you might collect stars, or whatever- the unlockable episodes are:

  • at 5 stars: You will obtain "Map of China", so you can acess Moon Festival episode.
  • at 10 stars: You will obtain "Map of Dragon", yo you can acess Year of the Dragon episode.
  • at 12 stars: A cutscene will occur, 4 ninja spiders will start to search for you, for maybe no real reason.
  • at 15 stars: Episode called "Apple Harvest" will unlock, it's like modified version of "Wonderful Pistachios" but with apples instead of pistachios (I searched for toy that this episode was inspirated after but I couldn't find it even after 10 minutes of searching)
  • In my notes, there are further information like "Ninja spiders will found you at reaching 20 stars in total, at 20 stars, pyramid trophy will unlock, and at 25 stars in total, parrot trophy." Those notes are maybe not a what will unlock, but still, it's here :P