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Red Kitten

Red Kitten.


Puppy Pig.

Angry Birds Kittens (AKA Angry Birds Cats, Angry Kitten Birds, Angry Cats) is a game by Redbird07. It was released on July 24, 2013.


  1. The Angry Birds are looking after the eggs.
  2. A portal appears.
  3. Kittens come out.
  4. The birds turn into kittens.
  5. The pigs have changed to puppies.

Kitten Birds[]

The next users that remove ANY kittens (Angel, Matrix, etc) will be blocked for 3 months. Adding kittens without Redbird07's permission will result in a 5 month block. -Noise (talk) 13:47, September 4, 2012 (UTC)

  • Red Kitten - Mews, making pigs (puppies) nearby feel sorry and kill themselves.
  • Blue Kitten - Splits into 3 kittens, leaving behind a piece of fur.
  • Yellow Kitten - Goes faster, turning into strong bits of fur after hitting an item.
  • Black Kitten - Explodes, leaving behind an explosive piece of fur.
  • White Kitten - Drops an explosive kitten.
  • Green Kitten - Stops and flys back. It leaves behind an EXTREMELY strong piece of fur when turning.
  • Big Red Kitten - Hisses. Mostly known as Red Cat.
  • Orange Kitten - Grows fat and explodes (The explosion is not too powerful).
  • Pink Kitten - Traps objects in cans of food.
  • Gray Kitten - Loops downward and leaves behind pieces of fur.
  • Brown Kitten - Ricochets and leaves behind pieces of fur.
  • Ice Kitten - Freezes objects and leaves behind cold pieces of fur.
  • Angel Kitten - Small pieces of fur shot at the ground. They release very small gold explosions, making Puppy Pigs into Angel Puppy Pigs.
  • Firework Kitten - 3 multi-coloured pieces of fur are left behind. They explode into fireworks.
  • Matrix Kitten - Makes the Puppy Pigs shoot themselves (only nearby).


  • Mighty Cat - Destroys the entire level.
  • Cubic Kitten - Turns the pigs a little cube shaped.

More info soon.