Red Kitten.

Puppy Pig.

Angry Birds Kittens (AKA Angry Birds Cats, Angry Kitten Birds, Angry Cats) is a game by Redbird07. It was released on July 24, 2013.


  1. The Angry Birds are looking after the eggs.
  2. A portal appears.
  3. Kittens come out.
  4. The birds turn into kittens.
  5. The pigs have changed to puppies.

Kitten Birds

The next users that remove ANY kittens (Angel, Matrix, etc) will be blocked for 3 months. Adding kittens without Redbird07's permission will result in a 5 month block. -Noise (talk) 13:47, September 4, 2012 (UTC)

  • Red Kitten - Mews, making pigs (puppies) nearby feel sorry and kill themselves.
  • Blue Kitten - Splits into 3 kittens, leaving behind a piece of fur.
  • Yellow Kitten - Goes faster, turning into strong bits of fur after hitting an item.
  • Black Kitten - Explodes, leaving behind an explosive piece of fur.
  • White Kitten - Drops an explosive kitten.
  • Green Kitten - Stops and flys back. It leaves behind an EXTREMELY strong piece of fur when turning.
  • Big Red Kitten - Hisses. Mostly known as Red Cat.
  • Orange Kitten - Grows fat and explodes (The explosion is not too powerful).
  • Pink Kitten - Traps objects in cans of food.
  • Gray Kitten - Loops downward and leaves behind pieces of fur.
  • Brown Kitten - Ricochets and leaves behind pieces of fur.
  • Ice Kitten - Freezes objects and leaves behind cold pieces of fur.
  • Angel Kitten - Small pieces of fur shot at the ground. They release very small gold explosions, making Puppy Pigs into Angel Puppy Pigs.
  • Firework Kitten - 3 multi-coloured pieces of fur are left behind. They explode into fireworks.
  • Matrix Kitten - Makes the Puppy Pigs shoot themselves (only nearby).


  • Mighty Cat - Destroys the entire level.
  • Cubic Kitten - Turns the pigs a little cube shaped.

More info soon.

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