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Angry Birds KleptoCats is a game developed by Rovio Mobile and Published by HyperBeard Games.

Birds and Cats

Image Name Power First Seen In...
Red Bird-0.png
Red Yelling, which could kill a pig if right next to it. 1-1 (Doesn't make a appearance in Crystal Caves)
Guapo Teleports to the nearest pig 1-2 (Doesn't make a appearance in Crystal Caves)
Jay, Jake, and Jim Splits into 3 birds, busting glass quick. 1-6
Nube Fires his slingshot,busting glass wood stone snow and bricks, but mostly stone and bricks. 1-10 (The Mini-Boss)
Chuck Speeds into the fortress, stopping if hitting anything other than wood or pigs. 1-20 (The Boss)
Buck Slices his dagger-like knife, cutting through fortresses G-1 (Only seen in the episode "Geotopia", which is the bonus episode. Also shows up in Smuggler's Den and in Poached Eggs.)
Godínez DIstracting Pigs by giving them good biunsess advice. 2-1
Bomb Blowing up. 2-10 (The Boss)
King Pig.png
King Pig Zapping Pigs with eletrical power!!! 3-5 (The Mini-Boss)
Blu Flailing his wings around and falling. (Poached Eggs)

Flying and popping the nearest pig (Geotopia and Smuggler's Den)

4-50 (The Final Level in Smuggler's Den)
ElecBird Attacks with massive lazer beams! 3 staring all of Poached Eggs and Smuggler's Den. (Power up)


The Bedroom

The Angry Birds' eggs were taken and the KleptoCats were trapped in 1 area. After the 2 sides get scared away after seeing each other, Guapo and Red make a plan to stop the pigs

Crystal Caverns

The 2 teams travel in a cave, in search for the pigs to pop them. They end up getting lost. Guapo gets angry at Red for not stopping to ask for directions, causing the 2 to fight. Jay ends up ending the conlict, but Guapo and Red are forced to leave the cave while the rest of the flock goes to explore.

Pig City

King Pig joins the flock and then they battle the pigs. Soon, they end up fighting Robo-King Pig 2000. After killing Robo-King Pig 2000, the world is saved... or atleast they thought so...

Smuggler's Den

The Flock get captured by Smugglers and are brought to a secret location, where they meet Blu and Buck, and defeat the Smugglers.

Poached Eggs

Red wants Guapo, Blu, and Buck to see what he, and the rest of the Flock has gone through, so the 4, somehow, relive the memories of the first episode of the first Angry Birds game. (Magic? Let's go with magic.)


The flock travel into another cave, with Blu and Buck along with them, they clean Geotopia of it's pig infestation.


Image Name No. of Levels New Characters added Previous characters seen.
Image Needed The Bedroom 30 Red, Guapo, Jay, Jake, and Jim, Nube, and Chuck N/A
Image Needed Crystal Caverns 10 Godinze, Bomb Jay, Jake, and Jim, Chuck, Nube. (Red and Guapo aren't present in this episode. (Angry Birds KleptoCats Crystal Caverns Plot)
Image Needed Pig City 10 King Pig Red, Guapo, Jay, Jake, and Jim, Nube, Chuck, Godinze, and Bomb
Geotopia 35 None Red, Guapo, Jay, Jake, and Jim, Nube, Chuck, Godinze, Bomb, King Pig, Blu, and Buck
Image Needed Smuggler's Den 50 Blu and Buck Red, Guapo, Jay, Jake, and Jim, Nube, Chuck, Godinze, Bomb, and King Pig
Image Needed Poached Eggs 63 None Red, Guapo, Buck, and Blu.


The KleptoCats can have free roam again, and the Birds' eggs are returned.

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