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Angry Birds Life Is A In The Angry Birds Trilogy. The Game Is Created By Rovio Entertainment.


When A Baby Bird (Color Of Your Choice) Appears At Your Doorstep, You Decide To Raise The Bird Until A Certain Age

New Features[]

There Is Certain Features In This Game, Including Viewing Events In Your Birds's Life When Unlocked. You Can Play Certain Minigames Similar To The Angry Birds Games.


Red- The Smartest Bird. When He Is Older, He Will Become A Scientist

Blue- The Silliest Bird. When He Is Older, He Will Become A Comedian

Chuck- The Intresting Bird. When Is Older, He Will Become A Director

Bomb- The Exploding Bird (Still Manages To Survive)- When He Is Older, He Will Become A Soldier

Matilda - The Exploding Egg Bird. When She Is Older, She Will Become An Actor

Hal- The Boomerang Bird. When He Is Older, He Will Become...Eh...Something To Do With Sports

Bubbles- The Orange Bird. When He Is Older, He Will Become A Professional Skydiver

Stella- The Pink Bird. When She Is Older She Will Become....A Toy Maker?!

Ruby- The Female Red Bird. When She Is Older She Will Become A Scientist Or Something Or Your Choice

Life Events[]

Nursery- When Your Bird Is Atleast 1-4 Years Old

School- When Your Bird Is 5-11 Years Old

Highschool- When Your Bird Is 12-19 Years Old (They Will Most Likely Meet There Girlfriend/Boyfriend)

University/Collage- When Your Bird Is 20-??? Years Old (You Can Choose When You Want Them To Leave)

Date- The Age Is Unknown, But When You Go Out With Her/Him, Your Bird Will Ask You To Help Prepare

Wedding- The Age Is Unknown, But Your Bird Will Marry It's Boyfriend/Girlfriend. And If So, You Can Interactively Help.

The Hill- The Final Life Event. Where Your Bird Shows Them Up The Hill At Night. You All Have Flashlights, When You All Reach The Top Of The Hill You Will See A Blue Moon. You All Sit Down And Look Up At The Blue Moon.


There Is A Rare Chance That Bubbles Will Come To You As A Green Newborn. His Green Will Turn Into Orange

There Is A Cheat To Keep Your Bird A Certain Age, However, Many Players Have Said This Ruins The Experience And Have Changed It Back