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Angry Birds Live is a game by Rovio, Sony Pictures and Wither Games. It uses the classic slingshot style, however it uses both the birds and pigs forms from The Angry Birds Movie trilogy  It will be released August 29, 2022.


Picture Name Ability Description
ABMovie RedArmCrossed
Red Red will let out a scream and knock over structures. Furious Feathers!
ABMovie Chuck
Chuck Chuck speeds up when tapped. He can destroy wood easily. Quick and Speedy Wins the Race!
The Blues ABMovie Design
The Blues The Blues will split into three. They are good at destroying glass and ice. Nice with Ice!
ABMovie BombAngry
Bomb Bomb has a very short fuse and will blow up the pigs. Explosive Temper!
Silver in movie
Silver Silver will do a 360 degree loop before crashing to the ground. Legendary Looper!
Matilda Matilda teaches Anger Management, but sometimes she's not as peaceful as she says. She shoots out an egg that explodes on impact! Angrily Peaceful...
ABMovie Terence
Terence He doesn't have a specific ability, but anything he touches will instantly be destroyed. Instantly. Yeah, I'm gonna leave. Big, Bad, Bold!
ABMovie Hal
Hal Hal will be launched from the slingshot and... wait, he just went OVER the building! Oh wait, now he came back like a boomerang. Angry Comeback!
ABMovie Bubbleser
Bubbles Bubbles will inflate and knock over structures. Candy Monster!
ABMovie Stella Arms on Hips
Stella Stella will blow bubbles, and they will pop and anything in them will fall to the ground. Bubble Bobble!
ABMovie Willow
Willow Willow rolls and bounces around until you let go and she crashes into a structure. To be added
Poppy Movie
Poppy Poppy will tornado down to the ground and crash into the pigs. Tornado Warning!
(This is currently a placeholder)
Luca Luca screams loudly and shatters materials, especially glass. Scream Loud!
(This is currently a placeholder)
Dahlia To be added Sci-Fu!
(This is currently a placeholder)
Gale To be added To be added
Movie Reece
(Artwork credit to PoppyWolfie)
Reece Reece will swing his lightsaber and slice through things. Saber Swing!
Movie Rainbow
(Artwork credit to PoppyWolfie)
Rainbow Rainbow screams and a rainbow comes from her mouth. Rainbow Flare!
Movie Cloudifer
(Artwork credit to PoppyWolfie)
Cloudifer Cloudifer sends a gust of wind at the enemies, blowing them away- both figuratively and literally! Foggy Storm!
Movie Bounci
(Artwork credit to PoppyWolfie)
Bounci Bounci will be flung somewhere, only to bounce off and crash into another structure. Momentum Rebound!
(Artwork credit to ComboLuigi)
Plum To be added To be added
(Artwork credit to ComboLuigi)
Blaser To be added To be added
(Artwork credit to ComboLuigi)
Garretto To be added To be added
(Artwork credit to ComboLuigi)
Janet To be added To be added
(Artwork credit to Lock and ComboLuigi)
Icebomb Icebomb freezes structures and pigs upon tapping/clicking the screen. Brrr! Glacier Freeze!
(This is a placeholder for now)
Wither Wither will swoop down to the ground, and all of the things he touches will disappear, except for strong materials like gold. Withered Away!
(This is a placeholder for now)
Tony Tony smashes to the ground, like Silver, just without the loop. He creates a mini ripple through space time earthquake. To be added
(This is a placeholder for now)
Ruby Ruby blows everything in front of her away. Raging Blossom!
Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 10.26.19 AM (1)
(Art credit to Lock)
Lock Lock sends a barrage of feathers towards his opponent. Feather Fling!
Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 10.22.26 AM (1)
(Art credit to Lock)
Skye Skye is just a hatchling. She'll hatch from her egg and send the explosive shell flying! Don't Eat the Shell!


Feel free to suggest birds here or in the comments. Only birds as of now though, because I have not begun work enemies.

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