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For JohnHawke's version see Angry Birds Mario (Johnlemuelgdelacruz123)

Angry Birds Mario is a game by Redbird07.

All characters are just becoming Mario characters.


  1. The official TV Series is here! Angry Birds Mario Bloopers.

Achievement Types


Bronze is a basic type of achievement, and most of them take minimal effort. Each one is worth 15 points.


Silver is regular but quite advanced kind of achievement, they take a lot more effort than bronze achievements, Each one is worth 40 points.


Gold is a more advanced type of achievement that takes lots of effort and skill. Each one is worth 75 points.


Platinum is a very, very advanced type of achievement that takes a whole bunch of effort, skill, and concentration. Each one is worth 150 points.


Sapphire is an extremely advanced type of achievement that takes large amounts of effort, skill, strategy, and concentration. They usually take months to achieve. Each one is worth 450 points.


Emerald is an intensely advanced type of achievement that takes extreme amounts of effort, skill, strategy, concentration, and a whole bunch of time. They usually take months or even years to complete, and each one is worth 650 points.

Super Emerald

Super Emerald is the second hardest achievement to earn. Very few a enough for an expert to complete in a medium amount of time, every super emerald achievement is worth 850 points.


(Godsteel is a made up type of mineral) Godsteel is a suprisingly advanced type of achievement that takes intense skills, effort, strategy, concetration, and time. They usually take years to complete, and each one is worth 1,000 points.

Badge Shapes

The shapes of each badge (besides super emerald)


WARNING: Achievements added to THIS gallery by anyone other than Redbird07 will be removed from the gallery. To have achievements posted here, place them in the Fanon Achievements.

Achievement Announcements

WARNING: Only the ones blah blah blah Redbird07 blah blah fanon. Same as above.

Fanon Achievements

These Achievements are Achievements that people have made. Some of them may be accepted into the real achievements, but Redbird07 has to put them in the gallery.

SpongeTechX's Achievements

JAYDON KING HD's Achievements

Fanon Achievement Announcements



  • Mario Bird (Red Bird)
  • Luigi Bird (Green Bird)
  • Princess Peach Bird (Pink Bird)
  • Toad Bird (Blue Bird)
  • Yoshi Bird (Big Brother Bird)


  • Goomba Pig (Original Pig)
  • Grand Goomba Pig (Big Pig)
  • Lakitu Pig (Helmet Pig in a cloud)
  • Spiny Koopa (Koopa Troopas with spikes on shells)
  • Spiny Eater Pig (Spiky Pig replacing Piranha Plants)
  • Eater Pigs (Piranha Plant Pig)
  • Koopa Troopa Pig (Helmet Pig) (His helmet turned green/red, and he turned YELLOW!)
  • Hammer Pigs (Helmet Pigs)
  • Chain Pig (Pig attached to something)
  • False Bowser Pig (Mustache Pig) (He really wants to be king)
  • Bowser Pig (King Pig) (His crown is a material, so it can fall off)
  • Dry Bowser Pig (Dry King Pig) (That lava did less than kill him...)


Original Episodes

  1. Original Day (World 1)

Special Episodes

  1. Special Land (Golden Crowns) (World S1) (Contains Dry Bowser Pig)
  2. Special Land 2 (Golden Mushrooms) (World S2)
  3. Special Land 3 (Golden Fire Flowers) (World S3)
  4. Angry Kart
  5. Golden Levels
  6. Multiplayer
  7. Worldwide Play (Internet Connection needed)
  8. Get the Fighting Version!
  9. Get Angry Birds Mario 64!
  10. Get New Angry Birds Mario

Gameplay Gallery

Fanon Gameplay Gallery

Birds Gallery

Fanon Birds Gallery

Powerups Gallery

Fanon Powerups Gallery

Menu Sections


These are all Mario Kart 7 Powerups.

Banana Powerup

These can come in 3. These are used for making ANYTHING (Ok, not everything) slip. If they come in 1, one part of Player's tail turns yellow. If they came in 3, the tail turns yellow. Birds can slip on their own bananas, on their tail or not.

Mushroom Powerup

Mushroom Powerups make the Bird go fast. Three Mushrooms make the Bird's power turn into Speeding. You get 3 times to speed up if you got 3.

Leaf Powerup

Gives the bird a tail.

Fire Powerup

Shoot fire. Fire burns items, they burn Pigs!

Lightning Powerup

You don't play Mario Kart!? Seriously!? This stuff gives ya Bird the power to hit the Pigs with lightning. ALL Pigs are hit. hits the items around the Pig first. Then if it has enough power, it gets the Pig.

Star Powerup

They make your Bird go through anything except Ground, THE Ground, and Movable Ground.

Blue Shell Powerup

It makes your Bird's tail turn blue, then it goes straight to the Pig that is the strongest and explodes if you used it. If it hits THE Ground, it explodes. It goes through Ground and Movable Ground.

Red Shell Powerup

After making your Bird's tail turn Red, (It comes in 1 or 3) it sends a Red Shell to the most unprotected Pig. Then it destroys what it can to reach the Pig.

Green Shell Powerup

Your Bird's tail changes, again. Then it drops an explosive Green Shell.

Oil Powerup

Your Bird can drop oil, it explodes.

Bullet Powerup

The rarest powerup ever. It makes the Bird black, his clothes fall off, he goes flying STRAIGHT through the level.

Bomb Powerup

Changes the Bird's power to exploding. It cannot be used with Bomb Bird.

Power 7 Powerup

Gives you the Powerups shown below:

  • Green Shell
  • Red Shell
  • Star
  • Bomb
  • Oil
  • Banana
  • Mushroom

You get 1 of each.

Gold Mushroom Powerup

Much like the Bullet, but his strength stays the same.


  • It is the first Angry Birds game to have King Pig's Crown appear as an original material (Shiny Green)
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