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Angry Birds Mario (Johnlemuelgdelacruz123) is a fanon game based on Angry Birds and Super Mario.


Mario (Red) was invited by Princess Peach (Stella) to come into her party. While Mario is heading to Princess Peach's party, Mario saw Princess Peach on a Airship, desperate for help. She was captured by Bowser (King Pig) along with the Koopalings (Minion Pigs) and Bowser Jr. (Corporal Pig). Mario with his team must rescue Princess Peach, before it was too late.


  • Red as Mario
  • Hal as Luigi
  • The Blues as Toad


  • Minion Pig as Goomba
  • Minion Pig as Paragoomba
  • Corporal Pig as Koopa
  • Corporal Pig as Parakoopa

Minibosses and Bosses[]

  • Minion Pig as Boom Boom (Miniboss)
  • Minion Pig as Larry Koopa (Boss)
  • Minion Pig as Roy Koopa (Boss)
  • Minion Pig as Lemmy Koopa (Boss)
  • Minion Pig as Wendy O Koopa (Boss)
  • Minion Pig as Iggy Koopa (Boss)
  • Minion Pig as Morton Koopa Jr. (Boss)
  • Minion Pig as Ludwig Von Koopa (Boss)
  • Foreman Pig as Kamek (Miniboss)
  • Minion Pig as Bowser Jr. (Miniboss)
  • King Pig as Bowser (Boss)