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First...the Mario Birds attacked as them! In Bowser Pig's Revenge! The game is launching with Bad Piggies on September 27.

Changes/Returning Items[]

  1. You now play as the pigs, building contraptions to save yourself.
  2. Classic Mode (Mario Mode in Europe version) is returning from the previous game. Now, you can control enemies.
  3. A new addition to normal mode, Tower Battles.
  4. Bowser Pig/Piglings/Bowser Pig Jr. battles have come!
  5. Did someone say Piglings? The Angry Birds Mario version of the Koopalings appear for the first time.
  6. Dry Bowser Pig now has the ability to throw bones when you want.
  7. Bowser Pig's great hammer-thow attacks are back.
  8. Speaking of Hammers, Hammer Pigs, Fire Pigs and Boomerang Pigs now appear.
  9. Acorn Mushroom is a new powerup. Make sure your pigs can't be attacked by Flying Squirrel Mario Bird!
  10. Pigs can now collect powerups.

More Soon.