Angry Birds Mario Bloopers is a TV series released for the game Angry Birds Mario.
Mario Blooper Logo

The Logo. (This appears in every episode)


Season 1

  1. Annoying Toad - Toad Bird starts annoying Mario Bird, and then the Toad Birds won't be happy! Meanwhile, Mario Bird gets Bowser Pig's attention.
  2. Bowser Trap - Luigi Bird has an idea to trap Bowser Pig.
  3. Opposite Bird - Bowser Pig finds out how to defeat Mario Bird.
  4. Tiny Mushroom - Mario Bird collects a Tiny Mushroom.
  5. Mario Brothers - Mario Bird is turned into Mario, and Luigi Bird is turned into Luigi, while Goomba Pigs are turned into Goombas, etc.
  6. Admiral Uglyhead - Mario Bird meets Admiral Uglyhead, a non-Angry Birds character created by Redbird07.
  7. Goomba Brothers - Goomba Pig creates some traps to capture Mario and Luigi Birds.
  8. This Will Only Happen Once A Season - Mario Bird and Bowser Pig become friends for the first time.
  9. Annoying Toad 2 - Toad Bird returns, with - weirdly - Admiral Uglyhead.
  10. Season 1 Ends - A special episode is released...when Mario Bird collects another Tiny Mushroom, it is revealed he has giant feathers, sort of.

Season 2

  1. Opposite Bird 2 - Goomba Pig and his brother (From Season 1) start to defeat Princess Birds, Luigi Birds and Mario Birds as bosses.
  2. Admiral Sillyface - Admiral Uglyhead brings his similar looking brother, Admiral Silyface to the land of Mario Bird.
  3. Big Blooper - The 2 bros. fart, making Goomba Pigs run into the Bowser Pig's castle, and weird things happen.
  4. Machine Of Destroying Things - Bowser Pig invents an ugly machine, and shows it to Admiral Sillyface.
  5. Not So Friendly Attacks - Mario Bird and Luigi Bird go to a store called Green Guns and Mighty Swords, to buy weapons, but after having no coins to buy the Ultimate Mighty Sword, or some bullets, they need to collect coins the old-fashioned way.
  6. The Attack Of Bowser - When the real Bowser attacks Mario Bird Land, he also attacks the Bowser Pig and Goomba Pigs.
  7. Annoying Toad 3 - Luigi Bird gets a toad costume as a trick for Mario Bird, and he traps the Princess Bird, forgetting where she was put.
  8. This Will Only Happen Once A Season 2 - More enemies become friends with Mario Bird, but they leave the others out.
  9. Big Blooper 2 - The opposite of last time happens. (Goomba Pigs fart).
  10. Season 2 Ends - Bowser attacks again and discovers Mario Bird.

Season 3

  1. Mega Enemy - Mario Bird sends several Mega Mushrooms flying, and bad things happen.
  2. Scared Bros. - Mario Bird screams at his own brother.
  3. Explosive Brothers - Loads of Luigi Birds appear, and they all explode.
  4. Scaredy Mario - After remembering the unluckiness of the previous seasons, Mario Bird gets too scared to touch a powerup, making Luigi Bird get it for him.
  5. The Missing Star - Returning from the cave from last episode, Mario Bird finds a star and tries to get it.
  6. Mario and Luigi - Mario Bird chases Luigi Bird across the horrible cave, and he fails several times.
  7. Mario and Luigi 2 - The Mario Bird and Luigi Bird chase continues, but the 3rd Part makes Mario Bird stop and think.
  8. This Will Only Happen Once A Season 3 - Luigi Bird interupts the party of Mario Bird and his new friends, and the enemies kill Luigi Bird.
  9. Stone Pigs - Mario Bird trys several times to get past a new enemy, Stone Pig.
  10. Season 3 Ends - Mario Bird eats too many Mega Mushrooms...and all goes wrong!

Season 4

  1. Too Many Attacks - Goombas start to attack Mario Bird land.
  2. Too Hot - Luigi Bird plants some Fire Flowers in his garden, and he collects them all.
  3. I Kill The Castle - Mario Bird has to fight the flag, AND, Bowser Pig and 10,000 Goomba Pigs to get to...
  4. Angryness Brothers - Bowser Pig and Mario Bird are asleep...but the rest of each team is awake.
  5. Mario! Mario! - The "Mario" Luigi Bird Dummy gets too annoying.
  6. Mario VS The Castle - Mario Bird attacks Bowser Pig's castle!
  7. Mario VS The Castle 2 - Opens with a good opening, and Mario Bird attacks again!
  8. This Will Only Happen Once A Season 4 - Luigi Bird, Mario Bird and the other enemies enter a time-travel machine and go back to the year of Super Mario Birds.
  9. Catchin' Dirt - The first ever Koopa Helmet surf world record is awarded. But to WHO?
  10. Season 4 Ends - Season 4 ends with the Block...

Season 5

  1. Big Bomb - A group of Black Pigs with matches in their heads enter the castle.


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