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Angry Birds McDonald's is a new web game by Redbird07. This game was released on September 25, 2012, and the official prequel to Angry Birds Whataburger. However, the sequel is known as the Bad Piggies game, which came on September 27.


Angry Birds McDonald's Coming Soon[]

Welcome to the world of McDonald's. Where the Angry Birds eat. But this time, it goes weird. The pigs are usually rich, with LOADS of money. But they don't have enough because they tried to buy eggs. They failed. The pigs are going to McDonald's and want food, so they steal the birds' meals.Teaser 1 M

Above is a teaser.


The Birds have just brought some McDonald's. The Pigs also went in, but after knowing they needed $20, but only had $10, they look for some McDonald's to steal. One meal for ALL the Pigs. Then, King Pig saw the Birds' McDonald's meals. The Pigs have stolen them all. After seeing a 4th Egg as they leave the place, they collect it and chase the Pigs. Orange Bird, being a candy-loving Bird, stayed behind to eat the chocolate muffin the Birds had brought. But comes when you call a Mighty Meal.


Reason Orange Bird is in New Birds: Because he is used as the Mighty Meal bait.

Original Birds[]

  • Red Bird
  • Blue Birds
  • Yellow Bird
  • Bomb Bird
  • White Bird
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Terence
  • Green Balloon Bird (replaces Orange Bird, as Orange Bird is used as Mighty Meal bait)

New Birds/Powers[]

  • Orange Bird - Can summon the Mighty Meals.
  • Egg - Explodes with a not-so-powerful Golden Explosion, that turns Pigs into angels.
  • Mighty Happy Meal - Drops Chicken Nuggets, Chips (Fries), Hamburgers and a Metal Bird Toy.
  • Mighty Meal - A box will appear. Click at any time to stop the meal changing. After the meal is chosen, it will drop from the sky, onto the Pigs.

Rules and Info[]

  1. This can only be downloaded in McDonald's restaurants.
  2. There is an Episode that lets you talk to other users of this game in the area. You can share how to beat levels. The game blocks you from using the Chat Episode if you are mean or do other bad things.
  3. It lets you draw pictures for the Chat Episode to help with what you are saying. Again, it blocks you if you are mean.
  4. You can also use the Draw Episode to make your own pictures to do with the game. But remember, be nice.
  5. It lets you send the photos as ideas for updates! But remember, be nice even if they say it will not be an update.
  6. There is something good! The Game stays downloaded! You just get to download it in McDonald's and then earn new levels, get updates, and more!
  7. You can play unlocked and downloaded levels even outside McDonald's but, you only get to earn new things in McDonald's.
  8. Yes, there is a Level Creator/Downloader!

Achievement Types[]

Bronze []

Bronze is a basic type of achievement, and most of them take minimal effort. Each one is worth 15 points.


Silver is a more advanced type of achievement that takes lots of effort and skill. Each one is worth 40 points.


Gold is a very, very advanced type of achievement that takes a whole bunch of effort, skill, and concentration. Each one is worth 75 points.

Platinum []

Platinum is an extremely advanced type of achievement that takes large amounts of effort, skill, strategy, and concentration. They usually take months to achieve. Each one is worth 150 points.

Sapphire []

Sapphire is an intensely advanced type of achievement that takes extreme amounts of effort, skill, strategy, concentration, and a whole bunch of time. They usually take months or even years to complete, and each one is worth 450 points.


This is the second hardest achievement to earn. Very few Emerald achievements are easy enough for experts to collect in a medium amount if time. Every Emerald achievement is worth 650 points. Though the Super Emerald achievement is worth 850.


(Godsteel is a made up type of mineral) Godsteel is a suprisingly advanced type of achievement that takes intense skills, effort, strategy, concetration, and time. They usually take years to complete, and each one is worth 1,000 points.

Badge Shapes

The shapes of each badge. (Except Super Emerald)


Only Redbird07 can add these to the gallery, but other people can make fanon achievements below. You may have an achievement remade.

Fanon Achievements[]

This is for people to make achievements.

SpongeTechX's Achievements[]

Thomas Kong62704's Achievements[]

AwesomeTrinket's Achievements[]

Orangebird763's Acheivements[]

AngryBirdy9001's Acheivements[]

Redbird07 and SpongeTechX Achievements (remade versions)[]

  1. The Big M and McDonald's Logo
  2. The Happy Meal and Happy Meal
  3. Mighty Meal and Mighty
  4. Mega Gulp and Happy Balloon
  5. The Restaurant and McDonald's Restaurant
  6. McDonald's Master and Kill'd (Cloud of Pigs)
  7. McDonald's Egg and Yellow Bird
  8. McDonald's Hero and Silver Restaurant


What Things Mean[]

  • NEW: The episode is new.
  • SECRET: The episode is ONLY revealed when you collect what you need to collect.
  • CODE: The episode comes with a code.


  1. Poached Meal (Poached Eggs)
  2. Meal Hoax (Mighty Hoax)
  3. Trick of Meal *NEW* (Danger Above)
  4. McDonald's Minigame
  5. Happy Meals (Golden Eggs)
  6. Level Creator
  7. Level Downloader
  8. Previous Updates
  9. Wii U Happy Meals *SECRET*
  10. Music *SECRET*
  11. Golden Crowns *SECRET*
  12. Mario Land *SECRET*
  13. London 2012 *CODE*


Fanon Gallery[]