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Angry Birds Mega Run is another FunVideoTV Video, remade into a Redbird07 Game!


Run across the ground and get the Golden Egg! But remember to jump on the pigs and green monsters you find (Unless your playing as Matilda, so you can just run into monsters). But the monsters have spikes on their head, but they normally look at the bird, you can jump on their FACE!!!11111!!!1!!1!1

Opening Cutscene[]

Hal, Stella and Matilda fall from the sky and land on a platform. They suddenly grow bodies, with their original selves being the head. (Example below) Pigs get bodies, and there are monsters.

Pink Jump

An example, Pink Bird.


You have 3 lives.

  • Life 1: Stella (Can't jump high, always holds a Bubble Wand. Useful for hitting pigs every 5 seconds) (Drops bubbles when flying)
  • Life 2: Hal (Jumps higher than others, his long beak can hit pigs every 5 seconds) (Goes back when flying)
  • Life 3: Matilda (Jumps higher than Stella. Can bash through monsters if running fast enough) (Drops eggs when flying)
  • Non-Playable: Red:None

Level Sets[]

Each set contains 10 levels.

  • Level Set 1: Running Set (Basic set. Unlocks 2 and 5 levels of 3)
  • Level Set 2: Sling Set (Introduces Slingshot Piece. Only 1 level in demo)
  • Level Set 3: Mega Set (Introduces Mega Coin. Unlocks 5 levels of 4)
  • Level Set 4: Monster Set (Introduces Monsters and Helmet Pigs. Only 5 levels available untill update)


  • Coin: Use coins to buy special Level Sets (For now, save up coins untill update)
  • Mega (Red Square) Coin: Turn the bird into a Pig-Popping, Monster-Stopping giant! Smash anything in your path. After power ends, the bird will fly up onto ground again. It floats while giant. It won't be on ground.
  • Slingshot (Red) Coin: A slingshot is available at the checkpoint!
  • Heart Coins: They have hearts in the middle. They give you an extra life, transforming you into the previous bird.
  • Teleport (Blue) Coin: Hidden coins. If you get one, it teleports you to the next level. They are very rare. Not every level has one.

Coming Soon![]

Coming soon to Nintendo consoles and PC.

Official FunVideoTV Video/Official Game Trailer[]


MEGA RUN starring ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV - Style ;-))