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Angry Birds Michu is a Angry birds fanon game that is the original gameplay but with Michu by Tanicfan22

Angry Birds Michu

Title Screen


Michu entered to the Angry Birds World portal, he meet the birds and they became friends, but after the birds's eggs got stoled, Michu got captured by the pigs along with the eggs, he cannot escape. The birds got angry and a large pig taunted them and also Yellow Bird, they got more angry and must rescue the eggs and Michu.

Birds (also Michu)[]

  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • White Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Pink Bird
  • Michu


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig


  1. Who's that Cat?
  2. Poached Eggs
  3. Mighty Hoax
  4. Danger Above
  5. The Big Setup
  6. Ham' em High
  7. Mine and Dine
  8. Season's Greedings
  9. Trick or Treat
  10. Hogs & Kisses
  11. Go Green, Get Lucky
  12. Easter Eggs
  13. Cherry Blossom
  14. Winter Wonderham
  15. Summer Pignic
  16. Bad Piggies
  17. Birdday Party
  18. Surf and Turf
  19. Pigini Beach
  20. Red's Mighty Feathers
  21. Golden Eggs

New Gameplay[]


Tap the screen and he makes an mini-tornado that brokes Wood, Glass and pops Pigs. Warning do not use if not tapped the screen if touched a stone, or he will corpses.

Michu's Challenge[]

Beat the bonus level with only Michu and you get redirected to "Michu's Challenge", which the level ONLY have a Michu and the King Pig with a castle of wood and glass. If you fail the level, you can't reset which you may to beat  the bonus level again and again...

New Level[]

If you beat Poached Eggs without failing, you get a new level.

Classic Sprites/Mode[]

The corpses, White Bird sprite and Boomerang Bird sprite are on "Classic Mode". Classic Mode can only be unlocked by beating the bonus level.

Bonus Level[]

A bonus level is you have any 1 bird or Michu on a TNT maze level when you complete Who's that Cat? without falling beating the King Pig. If the bird or Michu failed, you doesn't have surprises, you get back to the menu. If you win, you recivie a free golden egg.

Angry Birds Demo Game[]

A demo game of Angry birds will feature if you beat the game with any stars. The demo features 10 levels of Poached Eggs only.

Christmas/Holiday Mode[]

Any day of Decembrer (specially Decembrer 25th) will make the menu looks like Season's Greedings. This is still present as of 2013 by beating Season's Greedings or Winter Wonderham.

New Year Mode[]

If the day reaches Janaury 1st, it will display new levels and you can play as all birds. This is still present as of 2013.

Valentine's Day Mode[]

Most of the levels of Poached Eggs redirects to Hogs and Kisses's levels if you beat Hogs and Kisses.

Space Mode[]

There's a space mode which you have it free. It also have orange bird.

New Golden Eggs[]

  1. When starting the game, click on Red Bird's chest, and then it redirect to Level 1-1, then you found a message saying: "Congrulations! You found the new golden egg, so here's a surprise!". It puts the Facebook power-ups on the gameplay and you get the golden egg.
  2. Click on the demo game when you beated the game, then click the last level, shoots backwards the red bird, there's a golden egg behind, then you got the shoot right, the demo has 21 levels more and Mighty Hoax on the demo.
  3. Click on the small pig on the menu, there's a message saying: "Thanks for touching me!". A golden egg falls from the sky and stops at the middle of the menu, and if you click it, you have Free Mighty Eagle!
  4. On Poached Eggs level 1-1, press up, down, left, right (2 times) and enter. You will be send to level 1-22 (secret level), you got all the Birds (Pink Bird also) and Michu. If you explode the "Arrow Box" Then the birds will change to Pigs and pigs to Birds (relation to King Pig but this time Birds) Michu is still a cat.
  5. Do the Konami Code and you will get a Contra minigame. (Also all the golden eggs and a secret menu.)
  6. On the Level 1-22 (below), use Boomerang Bird and launch it backwards then tap the screen, and you get a golden egg (A pig balloon).
  7. Click the Pig on the title screen, it pops with an oink sound and you get a golden egg.
  8. Click the Cardboard King Pig and it changes to a golden egg, click it again and you get it (The Cardboard Golden Egg changes back).
  9. Play Angry Birds Michu for 24 or 48 hours to get the Golden King Pig.
  10. Tap the Birds or the pigs 10 times in the menu screen.
  11. Beat Michu's Challenge and you get a golden egg
  12. Beat the bonus level.
  13. Complete all the eggsteriods and you get a golden egg, which is a space level with all birds and Michu with a space helmet and it have all original pigs and chrome pigs.
  14. Typing any cheat code of another game will result the screen telling you "that's a cheat from another game but anyways I will give you the golden egg"

Original Golden Eggs[]

Pass all levels with the Classic Mode.