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Angry Birds Minecraft is Angry Birds Themed Minecraft.



Birds Nest- Big brown area with sticks and dirt lying around

Pigs Hideout-GIANT Npc village with green pigs instead of villagers

Regular Biomes


Red bird-Neutral-low damage-can be tamed and bred-found in birds nest biome drops red dye, experience and feather

Blue birds- Neutral-can be tamed and bred- found in birds nest biome- low damage-drops 3 of anything, experience and feather

Yellow Bird-Neutral-can be tamed and bred- medium damage-can be tamed and bred-found in birds nest biome-drops potion of swiftness, experience and feather

Bomb Bird-neutral-high damage-creeperish-can be tamed and bred-found in birds nest biome-drops gunpowder,expeience and feather

Green Pig-Hostile-low damage-found in Birds Nest ad Pigs Hideout Biomes-drops poisioned porkchop ad experience

Iron Pig-Hostile-Medium Damage-found in Birds Nest and Pigs Hideout Biomes-drops iron helmet, poisoned porkchop, and experience

Regular Mobs

More Coming Soon


Bird Dimension-littered with birds

Pig Dimesion-littered with pigs

Golden Egg Dimemsion-lots of gold and birds

Regular Dimensions

Crafting Recipies[]

Superbomb=Bomb Bird+Creeper Dust

Creeper Dust=9 Gunpowder

  • Birds and Pigs can be obtained as items with the Magic Sceptor

Magic Sceptor=Gold+Diamond+Emerald+Redstone+Tellurium+Coal+Iron+Awkward Potion

  • Tellurium is found in the extremly rare Tellurium Ore(Surprise! Surprise!)

Potion of Triples=Blue Bird+Awkward Potion

Birdsidian=4 Obsidian+5 Red Birds

Bird and Steel=Flint and Steel+Red Bird

Birdsidain can be made into a 5x4 square and lighted with Bird and Steel to enter the Bird Dimension

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