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Please Don't Edit This Page Unless You Are OrangeBomb10. Angry Birds MineCraft(OrangeBomb10) Is A Game Made By OrangeBomb10. It's Pretty Similar To MineCraft, Except With Angry Birds Stuff.

Passive Mobs.[]

Pig (Looks Like A Pig)

Chicken (Looks Like Matilda)

Cow (Looks Like A Pig, Just Cow Colored)

Ozelot (Looks Like Chuck, Just With Brown Spots And A Longer Tail. Can Be Tamed)

Neutral Mobs.[]

BirderMan (Will Attack You If You Look At It In The Antenna Directly. Looks Like Bomb, Just Tall)

Wolf (Will Attack You If You Attack Them, In witch That Case All Wolves In A 20 Block Area Will Attack You. Looks Like Silver, Just With A Wolf Tail. Can Be Tamed)

Hostile Mobs.[]

Zig (Well, What Else Would You Expect?)

Gird (LOoks Like Ice Bird, Just With Tentacles And Can Fly)


It's Not Made From Blocks.