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This is a movie created by Redbird07.

Angry Birds Movie Front

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Part 1[]

  • (Redbird07 Films)
  • (Red Bird Island appears)
  • Construction Red Bird: I like it here!
  • Chinese Red Bird: 私も、ここが好き! (I like it here, too!)
  • Red Bird: Aaah, the old beach! (Sits in chair)
  • Speaker: Red Bird, come to the Boats and get ready for your Boat Time! Again, Red Bird, get ready for Boat Time!
  • Red Bird: Oh, boy! (Rushes off)
  • (All Red Birds are at the Boats)
  • All: BYE, RED BIRD!
  • Red Bird: Bye!
  • (After leaving...)
  • Red Bird: (Falls off boat) AAAH!
  • Red Bird: Wait! An island!
  • (On that island...)
  • King Pig: Yes, good! Pig Island will become the ONLY island to have GREAT things!
  • Mustache Pig: Seriously?
  • Red Bird: H-h-h-hi!
  • King Pig: RAWR!
  • Red Bird: AAAAH! (Runs into Pig)
  • Pig: Huh? Who are you?
  • Red Bird: I am Red Bird!

Part 2[]

Coming Soon


Blooper 1[]

  • Speaker: Red Bird, come to the boats and get ready for Boat Time! Again, Red Bird get ready for bot...time...
  • Speaker: Red Bed...
  • Speaker: Come to the oats and...
  • Speaker: Red Bird, come to the boats for Boat Time! Red Bird, come on for boat...

Blooper 2[]

  • All: BYE, BIRD...
  • Construction Red Bird: What?
  • Pig: We didn't even get to the part with the pigs in it!

More soon.