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This is a new game that haves 2 universes.


The Birds have enjoyed taking care of their eggs. But a strange portal is here on the Angry Bird Island! So the Angry Birds have landed in the Leaf Village. Angry Birds meet Naruto and the others! And the pigs attack the Hidden Leaf Village. So the Angry Birds and Naruto universes collide.


Red Bird - Screams.

Blue Bird - Splits into three.

Yellow Bird -  Speeds up.

Black Bird - Explodes.

White Bird - Drops an egg that causes to explode.

Big Brother Bird - Has more strength than Red Bird.

Orange Bird - Inflates.

Pink Bird - Blows bubbles and pops.

Mighty Eagle - Defeats pigs in all levels

Mighty Dragon - Same power as Mighty Eagle.

Saw Bird - Cuts pigs in half.

Lightning Bird - Shocks pigs with skulls shown.

Nuke Bird - Uses a massive explosion than Black Bird.

Rainbow Bird - Copys all bird's abilies exept Nuke Bird.

Sword Bird - Cuts pigs faster.


King Pig

Space Pig

Large, Medium, and Small Pigs

Mustache Pig

Helmet Pig

Anti-Bird Pig

Tornado Pig


Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke Uchiha

Sakura Haruno

Exclusive Birds[]

Naruto Bird - Uses 10 clones than Blue Bird.

Sasuke Bird - Uses Fire Ball.

Sakura Bird - Unknown.