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Angry Birds Nature is the game that you have to protect nature from evil pigs that try to destroy it!

Nature Birds[]

Fire Bird - Blast fire

Ice Bird - split into 3 and blast the ice

Land Bird - Does low damage-earthquake

Light Bird - Blast the light

Doom Bird - Explode as doom power

Wind Bird - Make the wind

Purchasable Nature Bird[]

Each Nature Birds has their own eagle.The eagles can be purchased for 0.10$ for each one

Fire Eagle - Make the giganatic fire

Attribute Eagle

From Left to Right - Fire Eagle, Ice Eagle , Land Eagle, Light Eagle , Dark Eagle , Wind Eagle

Ice Eagle - Freeze all pigs

Land Eagle - same as Mighty Eagle

Light Eagle - Blast the Solar Light

Dark Eagle - Explode all level

Wind Eagle - Make the Tornado that absorb everything


Help the Nature

Destroyer Pigs

Blast all power!

Kill the evil

Heal the Nature


The Nature Birds protecting the nature and then evil pigs try to destroy it and they have to protect it!