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Angry Birds Ninja TV was a animated series that is based off the game Angry Birds Ninja. It first started airing on June 30, 2012, but ended due to technical reasons on July 17th, 2012. It was created by Redbird07 in collaboration with SpongeTechX, and was sponsored by Twentieth Slingshot, Redbird07 Films and Hawaii Matrix Films.


  1. Angry Birds Ninja TV is expected to air forever. 1 episode shows each day, except the episode, "Missing Ninja", and the episode, "Culinary Ninjas". But after the loooong nap time, more Episodes joined this.
  2. The ones that make the Episodes kept sleeping and some Episodes failed to come.
  3. Creating Episodes got harder...and harder...and harder. After that, Angry Birds Ninja TV had ended.

Season 1


Plot Summary Winner(s)

Release Date

Episode Product Code Episode Length

Ninja World

The Birds are looking after their eggs, but they are sucked into a Black Portal! None

June 30, 2012

ABN01 23 MIN.

The start of Ninja Birds

The Birds are in the Ninja World! They need to find out what is happening. None July 1, 2012 ABN02 20 MIN.

Tree Karate

The Birds are using their new powers on some Trees. They don't know their powers so things can go wrong. None July 2, 2012 ABN03 22 MIN.

A New Bird

Red Bird sets some rules. Yellow Bird cannot help other Birds, but he helps Ninja Bird! What will he tell the others?

None July 3, 2012 ABN04 21 MIN.

Tree Adventures

The Trees are becoming problems...Red Bird is not letting Ninja Bird into the flock!

None July 4, 2012 ABN05 20 MIN.