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Red Bird and Yellow Bird are setting up a trap for the Pigs; with the Blue Birds watching.

Blue Bird 1: Are you sure this is going to work?

Yellow Bird: (sighs) Yes! The pigs will catch the whiff of the eggs, run towards them, but they'll end up near the rope. When they stand on the rope, some scissors fall down and the rope will be in two parts. One part will come flying up, causing them to trip up and end up in a rope bag. It will be full to bursting with Black Birds's relatives. After 8.2 seconds, they'll blow up, causing the pigs to go flying straight into that cave. Then, Red Bird will be on guard push this massive rock in front of the entrance.

Blue Bird 2: But won't they push the rock away and come out.

Red Bird: If you learn your history, you'll find out that in Medieval times, we used to do this to our rivals.

Yellow Bird: A sad day for Bird kind when they found out what we were doing.

Blue Bird 3: It says in this magazine that because of those sort of traps; some guy called Shakesphere invented TV.

Red Bird: Not true!

Meanwhile, King Pig is at Piggy Palace.

King Pig: What's for dinner?

Chief Pig: A stale raddish.

King Pig: What? How dare you! After paying you for 16 years, you go and give me a raddish!

Chief Pig: Helmet Pig was supposed to go food shopping!

Helmet Pig: I was busy so I gave the list to Freckled Pig.

Freckled Pig: But I've been testing out all our new vehicles!

Mechanic Pig: Fine, I'll go food shopping now.

King Pig: Wait! I smell eggs!

Helmet Pig: Me too.

King Pig: Get me Sargent Pig!

King Pig is plotting with Sargent Pig.

Sargent Pig: So, we shall attack the cave from the east. Then we throw ourselves off the cliff and start attacking. Once they surrender; we'll take the eggs.

King Pig: But why do we jump off?

Sargent Pig: For fun.

To Be Continued!