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For Orangebird763's version, see Pacbird. For Angry3456's version, see Angry Pacbirds.

Angry Birds Pacman is another new Redbird07 game.


Angry Birds Pacman is based on Pacman. Birds as a Pacman and pigs as ghosts. The Pacman Piece is a special piece, turning all Ghosts blue. The birds may use a special power for a short time.

Opening Cutscene[]

3 Pacmans and 3 Ghosts are near a portal. The Ghosts go through. They turn into Pig-ghosts. The Pacmans go through and turn into Red, Stella and Bomb.


You get 3 lives. 3 different birds.

  • First Life: Red (When eating Pacman, no special power)
  • Second Life: Stella (When eating Pacman, puts ghosts in bubbles)
  • Third Life: Bomb (When eating Pacman, explodes ghosts) (Can explode every 3 minutes without piece) (Can go through a wall every 10 seconds or must not stop moving)

Level Sets[]

Every Level Set contains 10.

  • Level Set 1: Pacman Set (Unlocked at beginning, when completed unlocks 2)
  • Level Set 2: Piece Set (Complete 1 to unlock, when completed unlocks 3) (Introduces Pacman Piece)
  • Level Set 3: Normal Set (Complete 2 to unlock) (Every minute, ghosts follow you for a minute)


These packs are based on NSMB. 2 Coin Rush Purchase Packs.

  • Purchase Set 1: Golden Set (Fun with an easy mode, more Pacman Pieces in areas)
  • Purchase Set 2: Challenge A Set (Challenge yourself, and enter a leaderboard with your ending score.)
  • Purchase Set 3: Difficult Set (The hardest set ever, where the ghosts can even return at the start after a short time of being killed.)
  • Purchase Set 4: Coinland Set (Pieces turn to coins!)
  • Purchase Set 5: Challenge B Set (More challenges have come!)
  • Purchase Set 6: Classics Set (Play as Pacman Bird and attack the ghost pigs)

Releasing on[]

  • PC - February 15th 2013
  • Mac - February 17th 2013
  • iOS - March 10th 2013
  • Android - March 22nd 2013 (Angry Birds Space Special Edition available for Android, PC and any Nintendo consoles)
  • Windows 8 and Windows Phone - June 1st 2013
  • Nintendo Wii - June 13th 2013
  • Nintendo 3DS - June 20th 2013 (Best on 3DS XL)
  • Wii U - Unknown, possibly end of 2013 or start of 2014.


Official FunVideoTV Video/Official Game Teaser[]


ANGRY BIRDS playing PACMAN ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV - Style ;-))