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Angry Birds Party is a party game who released in 2015, Play similar to Mario Party Series, Rabbids Land, Pac-Man Party, Monopoly Games and other Party Games. And Home Consoles Version is planned, cancelled due of Online scrapping and Angry Birds Trilogy and Angry Birds Star Wars have a Home Consoles. Announced in 21 December 2015.

Angry Birds Party
Angry Birds Party Loading Screen
Angry Birds Party Loading Screen


iOS Android Windows Phone 8/10 Galaxy Note Windows 8/10 Facebook Mac

Release Date:

iOS: 26 December 2015 Android/Galaxy Note: 28 December 2015 Windows Phone: 30 December 2015 Facebook: January 2016 Mac: March 2016 Windows 8/10 (App): January 2016
Artendo Switch: 23 June 2040


Rovio and All-Stars Games


Rovio Mobile




ESRB: E for Everyone


This gameplay is similar to Party Games (Mario Party, Rabbids Land, Pac-Man Party, Monopoly Games and etc.). Now with form of Board Games. To play, needed Account ID to play this, if you not have a account, you will unable to play without Account, also have a 300 Minigames (450 Minigames for V 0.3.0 Update), When Player's dice start to roll (2 Dices), you will move, When Player have a Larger Points of Pigs Coins, the Player Wins, You can also customize your Player and choosing Birds and Pigs to be a player. There a pink circle in ground to have effect: Quiz (If you anwser correctly, you will win Pigs Coins, if you anwser wrong, you will not win Pigs Coins and Lose Pigs Coins), Minigames (A Slingshot will launch you into Minigames), TNT Block (Loses a Pigs Coins), Magentic (Steals Pigs Coins from Other Player), Golden Eggs (Win Pigs Coins) and Clone Potion (Double the results of Number of Dices) and Mighty Eagle (Loses all Pigs Coins and stuffs)


  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Matilda
  • Polly Planter
  • Minion Pig
  • Bomb
  • King Pig
  • Bubble
  • The Blues
  • Foreman Pig
  • Professor Pig
  • Stella
  • Ice Bird
  • Corporal Pig
  • Party Bird
  • Party Pig (From Angry Birds Toons: Pig's Birthday, wear Party Hat)
  • Hal
  • Poppy
  • Luca
  • Willow
  • Dahlia
  • Chef Pig
  • Chronicler Pig
  • Terence
  • Agent Pig
  • Scream Bird


  • V 0.0.5 - Inital Release
  • V 0.1.0 - Server Bug Fix
  • V 0.1.5 - Chef Pig and Terence added
  • V 0.2.0 - Corporal Pigs have a Newer Toons Design now
  • V 0.2.5 - Luca, Dahila and Bubbles added
  • V 0.3.0 - More Minigames added
  • V 0.3.5 - All Several Bugs fixed
  • V 0.4.0 - Agent Pig added
  • V 0.4.5 - Chronicler Pig and Professor Pig added.
  • V 1.1.2 - Polly Planter added. More minigames added (Artendo Switch and Windows 8/8.1/10/11 only).


  • Unlike Angry Birds GO! and Epic, Angry Birds Party have a Newer Angry Birds Toons Design Again.
  • This is a first Angry Birds Game to be:
    • A party game and Play similar to Board Games (Mario Party, Rabbids Land, Pac-Man Party, Monopoly Games and etc.
    • Is a Online Only Party Game to play with Friends (Friends from Rovio/Angry Birds Account, Facebook Account and Zoogle Account).
  • When the Player wins with Larger Number of Pigs Coins, gets 1st Place Cake (A Cake from Angry Birds GO!), When the Player lost the Game with none and Smaller Number of Pigs Coins, The Player got to be exploded by TNT Block.