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Angry Birds Plants vs. Zombies

Release Date

March 17th, 2016


AllanofAmerica Productions
PopCap Games


All Platforms

Number Of Episodes

10 (counting mini-games)

First Episode

Ready, Set, Plant!

Last Episode

Bird Bowling


Regular, Quick Play, Telepod

Angry Birds Plants vs. Zombies is an all-new game from AllanofAmerica Productions and PopCap Games.


The Birds and Pigs are playing Plants vs. Zombies, and suddenly, the zombies pull them in! Then the zombies and plants go into Angry Birds, and the Birds and Pigs go into Plants vs. Zombies. Who will win?......


These are all the birds you can get in the game by unlocking them, not purchasing them or finding Golden Seeds.

  • Red Bird
  • Mighty Feathers Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Super Splitter - splits into 5.
  • Yellow Bird
  • Flash McSpeed - speeds up twice as fast.
  • Black Bird
  • Atomic Bomb - blows up all the zombies in the first 3 rows.
  • White Bird
  • Double Bomber - drops 2 egg bombs.
  • Green Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Wingman Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Pink Bird
  • Fire Bubble Bird - blows fire bubbles.
  • Ice Bird
  • Crazy Dave (Mighty Eagle) - scoops up all piggies with his pot hat.

Bird/Plant Hybrids[]

These you can unlock by completing Adventure Mode a number of times.

  • Beakshooter (Red) - shoots a pea that looks like a bird. Unlock when Adventure Mode completed. Upgrade, Rebeaker, unlocked when Adventure Mode completed 2 times. Rebeaker shoots 2 peas at once.
  • Threebeaker (Blue) - shoots a bird-pea that splits into 3. Unlocked when Adventure Mode completed 3 times.
  • Snow Bird (Freezer) - shoots a frozen bird-pea. Unlocked when Adventure Mode 4 times.
  • Cherry Bombbird (Bomb) - blows up all piggies in an area. Unlocked when Adventure Mode completed 5 times.
  • Terence-nut (Terence) - when it lands, blocks off piggies for a certain amount of time. Unlocked when Adventure Mode completed 6 times.
  • KernAl-pult (Al) - catapults boomerangs. Unlocked when Adventure Mode completed 7 times.


In the game, you place slingshots that launch a specific type of Bird at Zombie Pigs that are coming at you, trying to get your eggs and eat them. Eggflowers are not the real eggs, but they give you extra Egg Yolks (replaces Sun) to get Slingshot Packets. In Attack Of Dr. Zomboss, every level features Dr. Zomboss (King Pig). He gets more powerful every level.


Adventure Mode[]

  1. Ready, Set, Plant! (Daytime)
  2. Night Skies (Nightime)
  3. Pool Party (Pooltime)
  4. Way Too Foggy (Foggy Pooltime)
  5. Rooftop Ruckus (Roof)
  6. Attack Of Dr. Kingpig


  1. ZomBirdtany
  2. i, Piggie
  3. Last Stand
  4. Vasebreaker
  5. Bird Bowling
  6. Heavy Weapon

Inside The House Package (costs $0.99)[]

  1. Bedsheet Battle (Bedroom)
  2. Couch ZomTatos (Living Room)
  3. Brains For Dinner (Kitchen)
  4. Flush! (Bathroom)
  5. Digital Underground (Basement)
  6. Car Trouble (Garage)

Golden Seeds