Angry Birds Power Trouble is a game made by Keymil_Animations , using the original game as a base.

Link to download:

The Plot

Episode 1: Decharged Dilemma

While the birds are sleeping, a pig wizard arrives and steals the bird's powers and their eggs too! While powerless, the flock must get their eggs and their powers back! Will they get their power's back, or will they be lost forever?

Episode 2: Superpower Scramble

The birds wake up to find out that they look a lot different! Turns out that with the new look comes new powers. Can they defeat the pig wizard again, and revert their powers to normal?

The Birds

Episode 1:

Red - Nothing changes here, he still performs his classic squawk!

The Blues - After the 3rd set of levels, they gain the splitting power back.

Chuck - After the 1st set of levels, he gets his accelerating power back.

Bomb - After the 2nd set of levels, he gets his explosive power back.

Matilda - After the 4th set of levels she gets her egg explosion power back

Powerless Blues - Can't split, but they're still cool with glass!

Powerless Chuck - Can't accelerate, but knocks hard on wood!

Powerless Bomb - Can't explode, but still great with stone!

Powerless Matilda - Can't fire her explosive egg, but is average with all materials!

Episode 2:

Power-swapped Red - Explodes for larger impacts!

Power-swapped Blues - ...Don't ask where the egg projectile comes from.

Power-swapped Chuck - Has the ability to split into 3!

Power-swapped Bomb - Now accelerates at lighting speed!

Power-swapped Matilda - She just squawks. (It's Red's ability, honestly what did you expect?)

Golden Egg Exclusive Birds:

Ruby (i.e. Female Red Bird) - Acts just like Red does!

Silver - Loops and crashes down from above!



The Official Trailer

Gameplay by xxxman360


Special Thanks

xxxman360, AlukaPL/EN(Theo) , Galactus , VocAlijah, and Sammy Sparks for showcasing the game on their youtube channels!

Vanya and Clickgaster for teaching me how to mod

And all beta testers for supporting me and the project big thx guys ^^

Level Designers

- Keymil_Animations

- ABwebGamesFan

- TheDefaultPro

- VocAlijah le FLAME BOI

- Theo!

- Galactus


- Rovio

- Keymil_Animations

- Halo345

- ClickGaster

- It's Going to be about pirate


- Keymil_Animations

- l00c the 1st

- Ricartoon

Music and Sound design

- Ari Pulkkinen

- Ricartoon

- Halo345

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