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Angry Birds Rabbids Land is a crossover between Angry Birds (created by Rovio in 2009) and the Rabbids (created by Ubisoft in 2006). Rovio and Ubisoft teamed up to make this game, and like the Rabbids game series, there are mini-games. The game was released on November 14, 2015 (to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Rabbids) for Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 2DS. A similar version was released on PC with similar gameplay on December 2, 2015. The gameplay is similar to 2012 Wii U only Rabbids game Rabbids Land, as you can customize your Rabbid, and in this game, you can also customize your bird.


After the airing of the Rabbids Invasion show on Nickelodeon in August 2013, Rovio started created ideas about the Rabbids. Rovio teamed up with Ubisoft in late 2014 after the company watched most of the episodes, as Rovio liked the bunny-based creatures and their characteristics, they started making a console video game about the two.


As the Rabbids stopped being evil and gave up on Rayman in 2009, a clever scientist slowly creating evil versions of the creatures. They were black skinned, had dark red pupils, green ears, and to destroy the "good" Rabbids. Meanwhile, a Rabbid accidentally came into Piggy Island and warned the Angry Birds about the chaos, and while they went, the Bad Piggies teamed up with the scientist and his "clones" to destroy the Rabbids and the Angry Birds. So, the player has to defeat each evil Rabbid clone in every fun mini-game before defeating the scientist.



  • Standard Rabbid
  • Helmet Rabbid
  • Moustache Rabbid
  • Female Rabbid
  • Professor Barranco III
  • Chef Rabbid
  • King Rabbid



  1. Bird Coaster
  2. Domino Rally
  3. The R Factor (The X Factor)
  4. Pinball City
  5. Runaway Train
  6. Soda Jet Pack Blastoff
  7. Maze Hopper (Maze Runner)
  8. 4x4 Land Circuit (Monster 4x4 World Circuit)
  9. Surf's Up
  10. Rooftop Balance
  11. Pangolin Roll
  12. Cobra Charmer (the Same Mini-game From Pac-man Party)
  13. Potato Bowling
  14. Space Web
  15. Gas Station Blasting